Apple’s Mac Pro Available Today Starting at $2999

The new Mac Pro desktop computer we had all been waiting for is finally out and all those who had been waiting to get their hands on it can now purchase it for $2999. Apple had announced the Mac Pro back in June and now when it’s finally out it looks more like a ceramic vase and can be suited perfectly for a decoration item. It has been designed and developed with an amazing aesthetic sense and its cylinder-shaped design makes it more fit for a vase than a computer.

Apple Mac Pro

Talking about a compact form, the new Mac Pro is merely 9.9-inches tall and only 1/8 of the volume of the outgoing model. These machines have been powered by Intel Xeon processors with varying amounts of four, six, eight, or twelve cores inside. These processors which work at speeds up to 3.9GHz come with full support for the Turbo Boost technology.

So much for the hype and name, Apple is making use of two-workstation class AMD FirePro GPUs for their new Mac Pro and this will help provide a graphic result which is almost eight times better and enhanced than the previous and older generations. The increase in performance is also fully backed by the 1TB storage space which is PCIe-based.

$2,999 is after all not so much to pay for a machine which comes with quad-core Xeon E5 processor, FirePro D300 GPU, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Those who want the model with 6-core Xeon X5, FirePro D500 GPUs, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage will have to pay an extra $1000.

Source: Apple | News Archive