11 Extremely Useful Gadget For Seniors

When it comes to tech gadgets, seniors get to enjoy all the fun as everyone else. We have prepared a detailed list of 11 remarkably useful gadgets that make aging fun and full of energy.

Let’s start from the bedroom.

Dazzling Bright Motion Sensor Lightening

If you tend to use the toilet during the night, then this motion sensor hallway light is a must-have. Here’s how it works, simply connect it to a power source, and it will detect movements within a 5-meter radius. It best operates in darkness and stays on for 30 seconds.

Motion sensor lighting can help prevent stumbling in the dark, which limits the risks of stroke and reduces the commute time between your bed and toilet. Seniors using this have reported a much sound sleep.

BT Advanced Cordless Home Phone

BT advanced cordless phone will help you filter and block spam calls. This keeps you safe from malicious spammers on the internet who keep devising new tactics to con seniors off their hard-earned savings. But it does not end there.

It features high-quality speakers alongside adjustable volume controls which are mild on the ears. Enjoy more recording time of up to 30 mins with the inbuilt answering machine.

Engage 360 Interactive Platform

The Engage 360 tool is an underpriced way to kill boredom. This powerful tool will transform your TV screen into an all-encompassing resident engagement platform. Keep your mental, social, and physical health in check and communicate with family, loved ones, friends at the push of a button.

Medmiller Digital Pill Dispenser

We can both agree that skipping medications can result in unwanted consequences. If you’re having trouble keeping track of medication, then this digital pill dispenser will come in handy. Track, report, order your medications without needing to commit them to memory.

Oral B White Pro Rechargeable ToothBrush

Keep your enamels ever young and sparkling without putting in too much effort. Oral B Rechargeable toothbrush is durable with a long-lasting battery. Take advantage of the self-timer option and get more done in less time.

Ring Doorbell

You will find this extremely useful if you live alone. Easily detect & track anyone at the door without moving an inch from your seat. There are a ton of modern doorbell gadgets on the internet, but this is our best pick as it is easy to install, features a removable battery, and helps you save videos for up to 2 months.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker

Keep tabs on your daily walks, jogs, and/or runs with this incredible watch tracker. It features a retina-friendly display, is waterproof, and has incredible battery life. If your goal is to track sleep and weight-gain patterns, then this is a perfect solution.

Microsoft LifeCam HD

Catching up with loved ones on video calls only gets better with a crisp, clear web camera. The Microsoft LifeCam HD delivers high-definition video quality and requires no drivers. Straight out of the box, you can simply plug and connect.

Amazon Echo Dot

Best known as Alexa, the Echo dot is built with some exclusive senior-friendly features. Most notably, voice control. Store your favorite playlist, grocery list, make hands-free calls and receive news on demand. One more thing the manufacturer got right is the super-portable size which makes it easy to carry.

HP Chromebook 14

This laptop caters to basic web browsing, video conferencing, streaming Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube. Why go for this and not any other laptop on the market? A simple answer, it is reasonably priced and is a perfect alternative to tablets.

Logitech MX656 Trackball

This looks and functions like a mouse but is a trackball. Why’s this useful? Well, it removes the need to move your arm around in contrast to your regular mouse. With this trackball, you can stay relaxed surfing the internet for hours. Conveniently set the tracking speed courtesy of Logitech custom software and just surf.