5 Gadgets To Look Out For In 2013

2013 has already started out to be an exciting year. One of my favorite things to do is see what cool gadgets will be coming out each year. You should see all of these Gadgets this year and they are very exciting and innovative. While a few perform simple tasks others seems like they are out of the future. So here are my 5 Gadgets to look out for in 2013. After you are done reading the list let me know what gadget you are looking forward to the most.

Nest Thermostat
Nest is a smart thermostat that programs itself in about a week after installation. Nest learns your daily routines, what times you are home and what times you are away and automatically self programs to help manage your electric usage and bill. Nest has Wi-Fi capability allowing you easy access to your thermostat from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature settings even when you’re away from home. Nest adapts with you as you change the settings and learns your preferences. As nest learns your schedule you can expect several hundred dollars a year in savings.

Google Glass:
google glasses
Here is a truly innovative product straight from one of Hollywood’s Science Fiction movies. Glass, created by Google is currently being shipped to key developers for its first market test. Google glass is a virtual computer that is head mounted on what resembles a pair of eyeglasses. With a miniature screen, voice activated commands and a laser optical keyboard, users are expected to be able to access Google Maps and a few other Google supported functions to start. Google is also in the process of developing new apps that will be compatible with the technology at the time of the products release.

Pebble may look like just a wrist watch but when the consumer first saw the iPhone they probably said, “That just looks like a cell phone.” Pebble has combined smartphone apps and technology into a wristwatch allowing consumers to receive email, phone and text notifications via a slight vibration. Wearers of the pebble also have instant access to iPhone and Android apps through the watch. Pebble is completely customizable allowing the user to change the face to hundreds of different designs. Consumers can link the watch to their smartphone allowing them to control functions such as the mp3 player from the watch and stream the music via Bluetooth. Pebble makes its first shipment on 1-23-2013. There is a waiting list but Pebble plans on shipping 15,000 units per month until it catches up on the back log.

Oculus Rift:
oculus rift
Have you ever dreamed of living a day in a virtual reality world, or playing an RPG like World of Warcraft where you could literally submerge yourself into a make believe world? Have you dreamed of a surrounding that seems so real that it felt like the other characters were in the same room as you? This is exactly what Oculus Rift does for the consumer. The goggles completely cut your senses off from the real world and submerge you into a virtual world. This product will have multiple end uses. Even if video games are not your forte, you will be able to take virtual tours of popular destinations that you may never otherwise be able to visit. Oculus Rift is expected to become a leader in school aides and education.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad:
magic cube
The Celluon Magic Cube is a laser keyboard for your laptop or pc. If you are tired of keys that stick, or just need more room on your desk then this product is worth looking at. Similar to movies such as Mission Impossible and the Iron Man franchise the magic cube offers its user a laser projection of a keyboard. As you type on the keys the laser retrieves the information and relays it to your device. Celluon Magic Cube also comes ready to pair with your wireless devices and is compact enough to be used on the go.

The author Alan Ricks is a freelance writer and painter who enjoys writing about gadgets and technology that he uses. One products he thinks is going to be big this year is the e-cig from http://vapestick.co.uk which has helped him kick his smoking habit.