Best Travel Apps For The iPhone

In the modern era, travelling has become a lot simpler and the world has become a smaller place. With smartphones being owned by most these days, it is wise to know the best travel apps for the devices, here are a few that are available on the most popular device, the iPhone.


The Triposos app is free and provides information on over 8000 tourist destinations. It was invented by two ex-Google boffins who use algorithms to keep the information up to date. A connection to the internet is not even required to access the info, and it offers features like suggestions on where to go, a foreign phrase book and a currency converter.

The Tripit app allows you to keep track of all your travel information, organizing itineraries as you go which is great for those who are travelling a lot. This free app allows you to email conformation details such as car rental or hotel bookings and organizes it all for you with no fuss or effort.

If you are travelling in part or fully in London, this app allows you know where to board the Tube to get from where you are, to where you want to go. Though a small fee is charged (£0.69), the time and effort you save not having to search for this info in the real world makes it invaluable and it even works when you are not online.


Each day this app is updated with the best deals on same-day hotel bookings. Major discounts are available, sometimes up to 70% and it currently covers the USA, Canada and the UK. HotelTonight is very easy to use and free to download.

Google Translate
Another free app that will be invaluable to tourists is the Google Translate app. With 64 languages covered, it is the best translator around, (even though it is not always 100% accurate).

Rough Guide Trip Lens
This free app is great for documenting your trips by providing one place to store your photos, text and maps. All are put onto a personal blog making it ideal for backpackers and frequent tourists who want a permanent document of their travels.


Yelp has a massive database of reviews from various establishments all over the world. Whether you are looking for a café, restaurant, launderette or pretty much anything else, this free app is likely to have the answer.

PetrolPrices Pro
When driving abroad, it’s difficult to know where the best places to get petrol from are as prices fluctuate so much. With this app, that is no longer a problem as it tells you the location of the best deal near you.

National Trust
If you are exploring the UK, this app is a must as it has details of all the National Trust sites throughout the country. The free app not only tells you where they are, but other information such as opening times, price and the types of activities that are available.

The author of this article, Jerry Samick has worked for several honeymoon hotel mykonos and has spent the past 7 years in the travel industry.