20 of the Worst PC Setups – July 2018

I’m sure at some point you’ve had a bad PC setup. Maybe moving into a new place, waiting for a new desk to arrive or you just ran out of room. I can remember my horrible PC setups from when I was living at the dorms in college. If you have ever ventured over to the Shitty Battlestations sub-reddit you will find a lot of horrible PC setups. We will are going to pick 20 each month and feature them as 20 of the Worst PC setups for that month. Here are some of the bad ones from July

20 of the Worst PC Setups – July 2018

“More screens makes it better right?”

“Set up in the garage. I had to play R6S tourneys in -40c last winter with this shitshow.”

“Why bother paying for a desk when the box you used to move in will suffice?”

“Just moved in. Temporary setup”

“2 Years ago, need I say more?”

“Just built a crude standing thing for my monitor for free :3”
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“Keyboard goes on my lap ofc”

“My brothers battlestation…”

“Overwatch on a 5″ 840×400 Rpi display”

“Found this beauty on a forum”

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