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FSP Power Mod 700W Modular Power Supply Review

FSP Group is a little known name to most enthusiasts, primarily because the company has only recently put its own name on its products. Founded in 1993 in Taiwan, FSP has been operating for years as an ODM, supplying OEMs with units for consumer computers or supplying more well-known companies with units to be rebadged and sold, including power supplies from Antec, Sparkle Power, OCZ, Nexus and Zalman. Its own line of Fortron Source was popular, as well. Notably, FSP designed the first fanless power supply and was one of the first to have an 80% efficient model. ThinkComputers received the 700W version of the Power Mod series.


Lowepro Classified 250AW Notebook and Camera Bag Review

There are bags made especially for notebooks and ones made especially for cameras, but not many companies are making bags for both. Luckily Lowepro is one of those companies. They have been making quality bags for photographers for years and recently they have introduced notebook / camera combo bags. Let's take a look at one of their newest offerings the Classified 250AW and see if it makes it through our recent trip to CES in Las Vegas.


Thermaltake BigTyp 14 Pro CPU Cooler Review

Today we have the chance to look at the Thermaltake BigTyp 14 Pro CPU Cooler, a relatively new product from Thermaltake with a huge 140mm fan with blue LEDs. In addition to those large features the BigTyp 14 Pro offers 12 copper heatpipes for optimal cooling on most socket types. This is probably one of the largest CPU cooler's that we've reviewed here at Think Computers, but will it stand up to the testing? Read on to find out.

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CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XT Gaming System Review

Prebuilt systems, we all know of them and when we see them one thing comes to our mind, "I would love to have that, but I can't afford it". Many prebuilt systems cost a crazy amount of cash and you really are just paying for the name and looks, not what's actually inside the computer. CyberPower wants to change that with their Gamer Xtreme XT system. For $1599 you get a gaming system that will play every game available and looks great too. Did I mention you get a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3 year labor and 1 year parts warranty? Let's see if this system is worth the $1599 price tag.


CoolIT Domino A.L.C. CPU Liquid Cooling System Review

CoolIT Systems has been around for over a decade, and has been designing and building liquid and peltier cooling systems for several years. CoolIT has been concentrating on self-contained in-case system with OEM quality. Today I will be looking at their latest self-contained in-case CPU liquid cooling system, the Domino A.L.C. It is marketed towards the enthusiast that wants to liquid cool only the CPU, and desires a mount-it-and-forget-it self-contained system. Will the Domino A.L.C. impress? Read on to see!


CES 2009: Shuttle

Using a computer for home entertainment keep on getting more popular and Shuttle has a great system for your home entertainment needs, the D4500. The thing that really sets this system off is the 7-inch touch screen LCD on the front of it. This allows you to scroll through movies, check e-mail, and do other activities without disrupting the media that is playing on the TV or large LCD you have this system connected to. The system on display featured an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR2, 80GB hard drive, Blu-ray drive, Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, 7.1 channel HD audio, and a 250W power supply.


CES 2009: Moneual Labs

Moneual Labs has been coming on strong over the past year releasing cases and full systems. They really have some unique case designs. This year at CES following suit with many companies Moneual was showing many all-in-one solutions and a few cases. One of Moneual's HTPC's actually won a CES innovations award so we will have to check that out too!



iBUYPOWER is another new company we met with this year at CES. They make custom PC's for all applications. What sets them apart from other companies that do the same thing is that they offer a 30-day no question money back guarantee, all systems pass a 72-hour burn-in test, and they offer lifetime toll free tech support. They were nice enough to invite us up to their suite to check out all of their new systems they will be releasing in 2009.


nMEDIAPC HTPC 2000B Media Center Case Review

Looking for a case with a lot of features? Or how about one that actually supports the motherboard you really want. Standard size ATX motherboards and power supplies fit no problem inside of this HTPC case. An optional LCD display can even be purchased for those out there wanting that extra zing to their case. Two panels hide the multitude of external uses for this case. Keeping a slick design and multitude of features this case manages to keep surprisingly cool and quiet. Read on further to see what all this HTPC case has to offer.


CES 2009: Cooler Master

Unlike many companies Cooler Master actually had a lot to show us this year at CES. They were nice enough to invite us up to their Suite at the Palms to check out all of their new products. They showed us a lot of new cases, CPU coolers, and quite a few products from their Choiix line of laptop accessories. Let's take a look...

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