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Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub Review

USB ports, we never seem to have enough of them! With all of our new devices having USB connections it is easy to run out of USB ports on your home computer or laptop. That is why we have USB hubs. Today we will be looking at a 7 port USB hub from Hiyatek. It has a few features that other plain USB hubs do not have so let's take a look...


Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler Review

Looking for the biggest, baddest air cooler around? How about a CPU cooler with as much power as a V10 engine? Here at ThinkComputers we got a chance to look at this $140 beast of a cooler. No it doesn't get 350hp, but it does provide a massive amount of cooling toping 200+W. The unique design has a total of 10 heatpipes, three sets of fins and two 120mm fans. The hybrid-TEC cooling built into the V10 provides that extra amount of cooling needed for those high CPU usage moments. Read on further to see what else the V10 has to offer.


In Win Metal Suit GD AL-13 Mid Tower Chassis Review

Today we got a chance to check out the In Win Metal Suit GD AL-13 Mid Tower Chassis. An interesting design complements the numerous bonus features you don't typically see on most cases. With gamers in mind In Win has implemented a unique design with plenty of thermal solutions. The patented rail system included offers a shock and vibration free ride for your drives. Read on further to see what else this chassis has in store.


Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler Review

Today we got to take a look at the Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Cooler. This tower structure is composed of 51 aluminum fans with 4 6mm copper heatpipes running through it. The unique fin design is certainly something you've never seen. The open fan design of the cooler gives that extra bit of cooling you need. While a lot of Thermaltake CPU Coolers run expensive this cooler is actually affordable and worth your buy. Read on further to see what you think.


OCZ Blade Series DDR3-2000 6GB Low Voltage Triple Channel Memory Kit Review

OCZ is always coming up with something new, and new for their triple-channel lineup is the Blade series, which currently consists of four 6GB kits. The blade heatspreader looks sharp, and should be effective, if OCZ's other heatspreaders are any indication at how this one cools. Today I will be looking at the Blade DDR3-2000 7-8-7 6GB kit, the top-of-the-line model of the Blade series. Will the Blade impress? Read on to see!


Sunbeam Acrylic HTPC Case Review

Acrylic cases were pretty popular a few years ago when case modding was quite big. It seems things have died down a bit and we really have not seen many acrylic cases come out. Well Sunbeam has sent us one of their new acrylic cases. It is not your ordinary tower it is a home theater PC case (HTPC). HTPC's have become very popular over the past few years so why not make yours stand out with this case! Let's take a look...


Cooler Master Aquagate Max Liquid Cooling System Review

Today, I will be looking at Cooler Master's Aquagate Max, an in-case cooling system sporting a large 300mm x 142mm radiator, plenty large enough to accommodate a pair of 120mm fans. It is also nVidia ESA compliant, so we'll actually be able to read temps and hopefully make some adjustments via the ESA dashboard. Will the Aquagate Max give us some real watercooling goodness? Read on to see!


SilenX iXtrema IXG-80HA2 Noiseless VGA Cooler w/IXG-3F2 Fan Kit Review

Today I will be looking at the SilenX iXtrema IXG-80HA2 VGA cooler. It has five heatpipes directly touching the GPU, a large fin array, and fits most single-GPU video cards built in the last couple of years. Though the cooler can be used passively in total silence, I will be adding SilenX's optional fan kit, consisting of three quiet 80mm fans. The cooler looks like it should do a great job of cooling down a hot GPU, but will it make the trip? Read on to see!


Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

In today's digital world the majority of computer users are using LCD monitors. No matter where you are using a computer, in the office or in the home, Samsung is one of the top manufacturers of LCD monitors. Typically, LCD monitors are pretty much all the same when it comes to style and design. For example, you know that boring black bezel that makes LCD monitors look all the same? Samsung has decided to bring a bit more class and elegance to their LCD monitors with the introduction of their T series, T meaning Touch of Color.

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