2013 Predictions: Top 5 Online Security Trends

To ensure that online security advice is tailor-made to the individual or business, knowing what security compromises are in store will help. Online threats change with the times, developing new scams and attacks to coincide with the constant evolution of the Internet. Try and stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals and, with the help of Symantec SSL certificates and their predictions for 2013, you can continue to surf securely.

While it is just speculation, there’s no company better places than Symantec to predict what we can expect to see over the coming months, including:

  • Cyber Conflict, between nations, individuals and businesses will likely be seen, which will include the use of cyber tactics to try and compromise the secure data held by the target. It’s also expected to see more online saber rattling, intending to scare the target organisation.
  • Ransomware has been tried before but struggled when it came to collection of the “ransom”. It’s expected that this intimidation tactic will be seen again in 2013, with the use of online payment methods. Recent research suggests that tactics will become more destructive, with professional ransom screens and shutdowns utilised.
  • Malware is annoying as it is, inhibiting easy use of mobile apps by bombarding users with advertisements. It’s thought that it’ll worsen in time, including monetisation of the ads.
  • Monetisation of Social Networks is already in force, particularly within the host of games that are available on Facebook and suchlike. Ever played Candy Crush and really wanted that extra life rather than waiting until your health is restored, so decided to pay for it? It’s a perfect way for malware scammers to target people.
  • Scammers on Mobile and Cloud Devices will increase as users increase. Cloud services are becoming more popular by the minute and 2013 predicts further attacks to coincide with increased use.

The best online security advice that can be offered to individuals is to keep your wits about you. As long as you are aware of the threats out there and protect yourself from them, your online experience should be a pleasant one.