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Thermaltake Announces Urban S41 Case

Thermaltake is adding to their Urban Series of PC cases with the Urban S41 case. The case is a very practical and simple design, perfect for users who want powerful powerful performance and high expandability, but want a sophisticated look. The case will be available in a window and non-window versions.

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AMD Reference-Design Radeon HD 7990 Revealed

At GDC's press briefings this week AMD previewed the reference-design of the Radeon HD 7990 dual-GPU graphics card. This is the first public showing of the card and while AMD is not saying much we do know that this has two series 7900 GPU's on it and it is being called by the codename "Malta". AMD has really taken their time with the Radeon HD 7990 and actually allowed their partners to create 7900 series cards with two GPU's on them, but this card will be the reference.

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AIDA64 v2.85 Released

FinalWire has announced today the immediate availability of AIDA64 Extreme Edition 2.85 software. We of course use this software in many of our reviews here at ThinkComputers. The latest AIDA64 update implements full support for the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics accelerators, adds AVX-optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD A-Series “Richland” APU, and supports the latest GeForce and Tesla GPUs by nVIDIA.


Cooler Master Seidon 240M Water Cooling System Review

You have probably noticed there are a lot of AIO coolers on the market today. It seems like every other week a company is launching a new AIO unit, or a new company is bringing their first to market. Most of these units are built by watercooling systems manufacturer Asetek. Today we’re going to take a look at the Cooler Master Seidon 240M, this one is designed and built in house by Cooler Master...or is it? Follow along as we put this controversial cooler through it’s paces and find out what it can do.

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ADATA’s Solid State Drives Get Slimmer

ADATA's current lineup of 2.5-inch solid state drives are 9.5mm thick. While this does conform to the standard many new devices like slim laptops and ultrabooks require drives to be only 7mm thick. ADATA has now reduced the size of their 2.5-inch solid state drive lineup to 7mm. This way you can use ADATA drives in these devices. These new 7mm drives will ship with plastic holders so they can still be placed in 9.5mm slots.

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Infographic: What Happens When Your Computer Boots Up

We interact with computer technology every day. Yet most people know very little about how they work, their strange and magical inner-processes continue to remain a mystery. When you open up your laptop, power up a desktop, or give an <a href="" target="new">Android tablet</a> a whirl, there’s an intricate mechanical process occurring inside. Here’s a simplified <a href="" target="new">infographic</a> to show you what happens when your computer boots up.

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NVIDIA Launches the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Video Card

NVIDIA has launched a brand new video card today in their GeForce GTX Ti Boost. This card sits between NVIDIA's own GeForce GTX 650 Ti and the GeForce GTX 660. The case is based on the same GK106 silicon as both of those cards. It has the same CUDA core and TMU count as the GTX 650 Ti, but the ROP count and memory bus width are the same as the GTX 660. The card features 768 CUDA cores, 64 TMUs, 24 ROPs, and a 192-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface with 2 GB of memory.


ROCCAT Apuri Mouse Bungee / USB Hub Review

If you are a serious gamer you are not using a wireless mouse. The main reasons are that it could lose battery or there would be some sort of interference with the wireless signal. While these might not be major issues when browsing the internet, but when you are about to get a headshot and it happens its a MAJOR problem. While wired mice are great they do have one drawback, the cord. In many cases the cord actually causes drag or may simply get in the way, which can affect your aim when gaming. The answer to this is what we know as a mouse bungee. It is a device that lifts this cord off of your desk which not only eliminates the drag, but gets it out of the way. The ROCCAT Apuri is not only a mouse bungee, but it also has 4 powered USB ports on it as well. Will you be adding this to your gaming arsenal? Read on as we take a look...

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Samsung Launches Series 9 Premium Ultrabook

Samsung has launched the latest edition to their comprehensive portfolio of Series 9 business-ready products. This Ultrabook is one of the thinnest and lightest ultrabooks on the market. The 13.3-inch system features a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB of DDR3 and a 256GB solid state drive.

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Kingston Updates HyperX Line with Black PCBs

If you did not know Kingston has been celebrating their 10th Anniversary of HyperX this year. We actually reviewed their <a href="">10th Anniversary HyperX kit</a> not that long ago. Continuing their celebration they have updated the printed circuit boards (PCBs) to black on two of their memory line the HyperX Beast and the new HyperX Black.

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