Six Secrets to a Successful First Video Conference

When you first install your video conferencing software or equipment, you are excited about getting started with talking to clients and colleagues through the new technology. However, before you jump in front of the camera and start calling people, it’s important to make sure you’re doing the right thing. There are some secrets you should know before your first video conference that will make it more effective and help in making sure the rest of your video conferences to come will be exactly what you and the people you’re talking to are looking for. Here are six secrets you should know.

AMD Tonga GPU To Replace Tahiti PRO

AMD’s upcoming Tonga GPU is a name that you should have heard of by now. New details about the GPU have been revealed. The first and most important news is that the GPU is slated to be released sometime in August. The GPU will replace the Tahiti PRO GPU (R9 280) for the mid-range spectrum. The performance of the chip is supposed to be between the Tahiti PRO and Tahiti XT GPUs.

Wicked Audio Heist Earbuds Review

Music is such an important part of many people’s lives, as we speak I am listening to an awesome playlist that helps me concentrate when writing reviews. When you have great music you want to share it with your friends. Well Wicked Audio knows this and they have come up with the Heist, which is a set of earbuds that have an in-line audio connection so that you can connect another set of headphones or earbuds to share your music. While this is a great idea these earbuds cost under $20 so we will have to see just how well they sound.

More Details on Intel’s Upcoming Skylake Platform Revealed

Intel is expected to launch Skylake, which will be a completely new x86 microarchitecture at some point in 2015. Skylake will come after Broadwell and will be the “tock” in Intel’s tick-tock model. Skylake will be fabricated on the 14 nm process.

Corsair Graphite Series 730T Case Review

As time has passed, Corsair has stood by a code of “Quality” above all else. This code has made them a leader in Computer Cases and with AIO (All in One) water cooling systems like the Hydro-series that are commonly used worldwide. The company is great with their customers after the sale as well with a winning customer service that is extremely pleasing to the end user and builds more sales by giving confidence that when someone buys a Corsair Product they are buying Quality and Reliability and that is what makes Corsair the Great Company that it is. Look for a 3 week turnaround on returns or replacement. The 730t Graphite Series case is a brand new edition to the Graphite family of Corsair cases. The 730t Full Tower case is new to the market and has not quite caught on yet but we have a feeling that this along with his big brother the 760t cases will be a hit with modders and builders alike.