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NVIDIA’s Max-Q Design Allows For GTX 1080-Powered Ultrabooks

Gaming Notebooks are anything but portable. For those looking for ultimate power in a laptop you end up with a desktop replacement that is huge, loud, and note all that easy to take with you. Well NVIDIA is planning to change that with their new Max-Q design, which they have announced at Computex.

Corsair Slate
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Corsair Shows Massive Dual System Concept Case

Currently the largest case Corsair has in its arsenal is the Obsidian 900D, which was released about 4 years ago. It looks like Corsair will soon have another entry into the massive case category. At Computex they are showing a new concept case which they are calling Slate. It is designed to fit two systems in a single case, offer massive cooling, and much more!

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EVGA’s X299 Motherboards Detailed

EVGA has revealed their X299 motherboard lineup. All of these boards are designed for Intel's recently announced X-Series processors. Like previous Intel-based motherboard from EVGA, they have will three boards, the X299 DARK, X299 FTW K and X299 Micro. Let's see what these boards are all about!

ASRock X399 Motherboards
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More AMD ThreadRipper Motherboards Pictured

Well ASUS was the first to show off a motherboard designed for AMD's upcoming ThreadRipper high-end desktop (HEDT) processors, but at AMD's event there were a few more on hand. These are AMD socket SP3r2 (LGA 4094) motherboards. All of these boards feature eight DDR4 memory slots, up to three PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots with x16 wiring, taking advantage of the 64-lane PCIe root complex, and a forth slot splitting away x8 lanes from the third slot.

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In Win Shows Off Spherical E-ATX Case

In Win is always a company we look to at Computex for something crazy and this year they are presenting their WINBOX spherical E-ATX case. This case is definitely going to draw some attention, it is mainly made of aluminum and molded acrylic. The clear, transparent sphere surrounds the motherboard tray, mounts for the PSU, drive bay, and liquid cooling setup.

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