2021’s Best New Game – Why Hitman 3 Is so Popular

Each New Year brings about new hope. People look forward to achieving the goals they set as their New Year’s resolutions. For the scientist, it is new inventions to make living easier. For doctors and pharmacists, it is making new health discoveries and medicines to cure previously uncured diseases. For businesspersons, it is uplifting their companies’ potential and reaching new heights. For game developers, it is producing outstanding new games or sequels to previously viral ones, with enhanced quality of play and high graphics.

News about launching the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox series sent chills through gamers worldwide, as it meant getting their hands at some next-gen games.

The Best New Games of 2021

While 2021 promises improvements in the majority of sectors, mainly because of the resuming of the work-life post the pandemic trauma, it also promises major updates in the gaming area. Over the past few years, we have already seen ultra-modern features in the widely used video gaming platforms, i.e. PlayStation and Xbox. They now come with advanced consoles, including special VR gear that allows the players to experience realistic graphics as per virtually being in the game.

The video games themselves include high-end algorithms that make the running smooth and efficient, along with fancy detailing on the characters. The list below mentions some of the best new games of 2021, which have us highly excited:

  •  Hitman 3 – The eighth part of the worldwide famous assassin series, hitman. Following the love and praise received by the previous instalments, the makers have made sure to provide a unique story for Agent 47, as he concludes the journey.
  •  Hogwarts Legacy – Back when Harry Potter was first released, it took the world by a storm. The parts that followed created a huge fan base globally, having fans wishing they could go to Hogwarts too. Well, since that is not possible, there is a way to attend it virtually through this game, casting a spell and playing with magic.
  •  Resident Evil Village – Another eighth instalment of a phenomenal horror series, this one takes the lead, Ethan, to a strange village with enticing new adventures and evil characters. A famous character, the tall lady, has already gone widely popular with memes, thus, making the wait an agony.

The Popularity of Hitman 3

The incredible new edition of the famous hitman series, launched recently on the 20th of January 2021, over the popular gaming platforms PlayStation (4 and 5), Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch. It concludes the saga of our favorite on-screen assassin, Agent 47. The game belongs to the action/adventure genre, giving the players a chance to prove their targeting skills while they engage in new missions.

The first part was released back in 2000, for PC, called ‘Hitman: Codename 47’. It introduced the protagonist whose mission was to go around the world in search of his targets. Since then, he became the most famous assassin, winning the hearts of his fans with his extraordinary hitting skills with his high-tech weapons.

Thus, immense popularity for the recent part was expected. It not only gets more mysterious, but also brings striking new missions, dangerous traps, and hard-to-find clues that are sure to bring out one’s inner detective. It has been a few days since its worldwide launch, but the critics have already deemed it the best part of the series.

hitman3 2021 2

Why You Should Definitely Try Hitman 3

While the fans of the Hitman franchise may have impatiently counted days before the new release, there is no denying the fact that the hype had the general crowd interested in it as well. That said, there is no harm in trying the latest addition if you already have not. Here are a few reasons why it deserves a try:

  •  It has received a rating of 9.5/10 from the game critics, who have also called it the best game ever made. The concept is terrific, and earned praise even from those who are not a big fan of the hit series.
  •  It gives the players some astounding controls. They get to take their favorite player around exotic areas, which are beautified with intense and realistic graphics. If anything, the time spent creating these extreme details is worth a look.
  •  For the newcomers who fret losing their entire progress as they fail to win, here is the good news. This version comes with many replays, which not only saves your progress but also gives you a chance to go back in the missions and explore new diversions.
  •  You will not have to wait for the release of new missions every week, which the previous parts followed. This one brings all the missions at once, along with a catchy dialogue exchange between the characters that add some fun to the otherwise serious game.

The Trend of Online Gaming

Moving apart from the Hitman 3 frenzy, it is not the only video game to look forward to. This current pandemic had us all search for ways to kill time online, and that meant, resorting to online gaming. While the trend was already on the go in the earlier years, it saw a great rise this year particularly, as people were overjoyed to find online versions of their favorite games, especially for online gambling. Instead of despairing about not being able to attend casinos, fans found multiple paid and free versions on the Internet. Not just that, but it also brought in online slot machines, such as the Jammin Jars demo, which follows a fruity theme and a high percentage of winning.

Perhaps, we may start seeing international gambling competitions through live streaming sooner than we know. Casinos have collaborated with gaming companies and developers to launch new consoles for making the online experience thrilling. That includes the use of VR devices to make the surrounding more realistic, a live dealer that guides the game between the players, and bigger bonuses with increased chances of winning a huge jackpot.