3 Tips on How to Dispose of Your Old Mobile Phones

If you have been living in planet Earth for quite a while now, then you probably have tons of old mobile phones lying around the house. And, if you are still living with your parents, there is a likely chance that they have older phone models hidden in the basement, too.

A few months back, the world was swept over by the “Marie Kondo” craze. This technique encourages you to get rid of any stuff that is not sparking your joy. So if that old Android phone is already giving you bad memories about a bad breakup or embarrassing moments that removes the joy out of you, it is now time to let it go! Here are three ways you can do so.

Give it to someone else

If your old mobile phone is still working, then take this chance to become a Good Samaritan by passing it on to someone who would likely need it. Your friend who can barely make ends meet or classmate who just got robbed of their phone would surely be happy to receive a phone that could make their lives a bit easier.

Trade it for another gadget.

Some mobile companies allow customers that have an older model of their flagship line trade it for their latest model. The premise is that by trading in your old mobile phone, you get the newer one at a reduced price. Tech lovers and geeks often milk this perk the best they could.

This tip, however, is only applicable if the mobile phone you have is only a few months or less than a year old. The length of time varies from one mobile company to the next. When in doubt, just ask.

Sell to a second-hand dealer

If you don’t want the hassle of having to find a willing client to buy your old working phone, or if you have no idea how to dispose of it without impacting the environment, then find others who can do it for you instead. That’s when second-hand dealer shops come in.

Second-hand dealer shops usually buy phones in any condition it comes in: newly bought, used roughly, or completely dead. Based on the condition of the phone, they set a price point that they will pay you with to dispose of the phone or resell it for you.

If this is the option you are willing to take, then we suggest that you sell your old mobile phone to Mobile Monster instead. Mobile Monster is a second-hand mobile phone dealer shop based in Australia that takes in new, used, and dead phones. They inspect the condition of the phone as soon as they received it, which is either via Australia Post service or in person.

After the inspection, they give a particular amount that tells how much they are willing to pay to buy it from you. For second-hand mobile phones that are still in working condition, prices can vary depending on the damage.

Once you sell your old mobile phone to Mobile Monster, you not only get rid of your old mobile phones. You can also walk away with extra cash in your pocket. The quotes they provide can usually beat other second-hand dealers by as much as 5%.

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