3DFX’s Last Known GPU Pictured and Benchmarked

Hearing the name 3DFX brings back a lot of memories for us. They were once one of the most high-profile graphics card companies out there, who competed with both NVIDIA and then ATI. Before going defunct the last GPU the company was working on was the Rampage, which was made to compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce3. Sadly, it never saw a release as the company shut its doors before that.

DSOGaming has posted images of some of the Ramage GPUs that survived 3DFX’s closure as well as them running Max Payne, Unreal Tournament, and 3DMark 2001. Check out the photos below to take a stroll down memory lane! Also be sure to check out our 3DFX Graphics Card History article!

3dfx 1

3dfx 2 3dfx 3 3dfx 4 3dfx 5

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