4 Facts about a Mobile Spy App Hidden from Users


The world is recently witnessing a rapid growth in the number of mobile monitoring apps. There are varying reasons for why people consider using such apps. However, there are four major facts about a mobile spy app hidden from users. With each year, manufacturers of these apps release newer versions of these tracking apps. New updates enable apps to work well with the latest mobile devices coming into the market.

Before going to the four hidden facts about mobile tracking applications, it is important to mention that mobile usage now represents as much as 65% of digital media time. Desktops, on the other hand, have become a “secondary touch point”. Users of mobile devices are mostly children between the ages of 13 and 18. Moreover, in companies, approximately 31% of the employees spend more time using the internet for personal reasons. Adults are more prone to abusing the internet access at work, which leads to poor productivity.

Fact #1: Spy App Market worth Billions of Dollars by End of 2016
According to surveys involving users of various mobile spy app hidden on android and iOS devices, the estimated market value of some of the most famous monitoring apps is very impressive. Most users of such apps are employers and parents. Employers have observed that web traffic between 9am and 6pm is as high as 70%. Users are mostly busy using internal pornography content on cell phone browsers, connected to the company’s server. Therefore, employers have adopted the strategy of issuing cell phone with mobile tracking applications on them. Likewise, because as many as 80% teenagers in the world are easy targets of cyberbullying, a large number of parents are using these apps to keep their kids safe.


Fact #2: It May Not Be a Mobile Spy App Hidden By Design
Hidden mobile tracking applications are apps designed to disappear into the target device once installed. The objective is usually to successfully spy on people, without their suspecting or without causing a disturbance. You can find thousands of monitoring apps in Google Play Store or iTune Store, but not all have the ability to remain hidden. XnSpy is one of the many apps that remain hidden and undetectable. It does not cause the device to hang, doesn’t cause the battery to drain too fast, and does not interfere with other apps on the target device.

Fact #3: They Have a Web-based Dashboard to Sustain Stealth Mode
Based on the app users choose in order to monitor a target device, the mode of operation varies. Some apps require users to hold the target device in hand all the time. However, some apps have a web-based control panel or dashboard. This is where all monitoring activity happens and all users need is a browser and internet connection on their mobile device or on a PC. They also need an internet connection on the target device as well. After installing the app on a target device, users get updated information about various cell phone activities, almost in real time. A web-based dashboard makes spying on a target person undetectable and very convenient.

Fact #4: Mobile Tracking Applications Have More Than One Feature

A survey of the spy app market online, only a few apps in this niche offer multiple tracking features. A larger number are limited to limited feature. For example, the GPS Phone Tracker provides GPS location information. Another example is Mobile Number Tracker, which only tracks the caller’s number and tells his/her location.

However, XnSpy and apps like it offer users an array of other features to serve as a comprehensive cell phone activity tracking app. Multiple features such apps offer include text monitoring, call monitoring, access to GPS location, Geo-fencing, access to emails, and photos and videos stored on the device. They also allow monitoring internet messengers like Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, and KiK.

Over the past ten years, the mobile tracking apps industry has grown three folds. This is because of the increasing threats that come with using the internet and mobile devices. Companies use such apps to protect themselves against espionage and to track mobile workers. Families also use these apps to keep their children safe. In the end, their ability to remain hidden proves very useful. By remotely tracking cell phone activities or spying on people, uses can avoid harm to themselves and loved ones.

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