Easy Sudoku — The Best Choice for Beginners

It would seem that the time for Sudoku games has long passed because, in the modern mobile world, there are a huge number of toys of various genres, ranging from ordinary shooters to serious logic games. However, it is Sudoku games that may truly train your brains.

In general, the Sudoku app contains four difficulty levels, allowing the player to choose the appropriate game mode: easy, medium, difficult, and expert.


It’s not for nothing that easy Sudoku is most often popular with beginner players. In Sudoku for beginners, a minimum of numbers is hidden. In this game, you need no more than one minute to solve such a puzzle. Another name for easy Sudoku is a one-minute game.

The Principle of Playing Easy Sudoku

So, the principle of the game is familiar to many people: the player is presented with a layout with numbers, the main task is to fill in all the cells with numbers, so that a row from one to ten is not repeated either horizontally, vertically, or in any of the smaller squares.

The cell you select, its row and column are highlighted. Errors can also be highlighted in a different color, which is convenient for beginners.

Interface Features

The game interface is nice and conveniently made, the details are large enough not to look closely and at the same time elegant. The colors are not too bright, everything is clearly drawn, comfortable for the eyes. The user is allowed to select color themes.

You can also adjust the appearance and features of the game by going to the “Settings” section. Here you can change the way the numbers and notes are displayed, set or remove the timer, choose a new color theme, and much more. Also in the settings, there is an instruction for the game, which will be useful to beginners.

What Else You Need to Know About Easy Sudoku

  • Firstly, the application provides tracking the statistics of their game, which is very convenient for players.
  • Secondly, if you are suddenly distracted or you urgently had to stop the game, the autosave function will work; therefore, you can safely solve the puzzle without worrying that the game will be interrupted and the results will not be saved.
  • The game also has an eraser function, which provides you with the ability to easily and simply erase your mistakes and continue the game further.

So, easy Sudoku is a great choice not only for beginners but also for experienced professionals in this game, because it may not only develop your thinking, attentiveness and analytical abilities but also help you just relax and enjoy the gameplay.

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