5 Underrated Alternatives to Popular Student Apps

Many standard applications are already installed on a smartphone when a user turns it on for the first time. Students use many of them. But every regular app may have a better alternative. Today, you will learn about five underrated alternatives to popular student apps.


At some point, Google docs, sheets, and slides very quickly conquered the market of applications for working with office documents. Thanks to the support of a large corporation, free access, and cloud technologies, these services are considered the most popular in the whole world. But not everyone is ready to put up with the weaknesses of these programs. An underrated alternative to Google is ONLYOFFICE.

ONLYOFFICE is one application in which you can create and view all three main types of office documents. You can save and open not only basic docx, xlsx, and pptx but also other popular formats. Also, you can view pdf files with this application.

Coauthoring will allow you to work on documents as a team. It will be a very useful feature if you want to ask the professional college essay writing service for help. Another feature is that you can store files both locally and in the cloud. It allows you to work with documents not only on a smartphone or a tablet but also on a computer.

ONLYOFFICE has both standard document editing tools and unique settings that allow you to make your work unique. In addition, the presence of several paid and free versions allows a student to find a suitable type of subscription.

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Timetable (Class Timetable – Schedule App)

At the beginning of each academic semester, every student is faced with a new schedule and new courses. Each time, you have to re-memorize the daily routine, names of teachers, classrooms, and so on. But the days of notebooks and notes are in the past. They have been replaced by advanced applications.

Timetable will become an alternative to the classic calendar. This application allows you to quickly and conveniently schedule your classes. It has standard functions for self-organization and scheduling of activities. Also, this smart tool will allow you to attach information about courses, teachers, and tests and leave useful notes. A handy feature will be the ability to add details about homework.

A notification system will remind you of upcoming events. Detailed settings allow you to switch your smartphone to silent mode during sessions automatically.

The interface is also designed for maximum convenience. Custom color schemes allow you to perceive information intuitively. Pleasant colors enhance your mood. Built-in widgets provide quick access to important data. Synchronization between different devices will give the user instant access to the schedule.


Why do you need a calculator if there is an application that can solve a complex equation in a split second?

Photomath solves your math problems with your smartphone camera. By uploading a photo of the equation, you instantly get not only the correct answer but also step-by-step instructions for solving it. The smart text recognition system understands both printed and handwritten text.

Photomath can build graphs and solve linear, quadratic, and trigonometric equations. The scientific calculator will allow you to edit problems or create new ones. To conclude, this app is absolutely free!

Speechify – Audio Text Reader

Sometimes, students are too lazy to take notes at a lecture. They would like to relax and focus on what the speaker is talking about. Some students forcefully outline every word of the lecturer. Others record everything on a recorder and then suffer from hour-long audio tracks. But only advanced ones are using an application that converts speech to text.

Speechify is a very simple yet super effective application. It works like a recorder, but it recognizes human speech and converts it to text format. This tool allows you to quickly reread the entire lesson and write out only the most important parts.

Also, there is a function for recognizing text from a photo in this very program. Thus, you can combine information from textbooks and lectures in one application. The text playback feature will make you want to download this app before your next session.

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I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Has it happened to you that you slept so soundly that you did not hear the alarm clock? Or maybe you’ve been in situations where you accidentally turned off the alarm and overslept? This annoying but super useful app will help you set your alarm so you don’t get late for class.

The key feature of this alarm clock is the creation of special randomly generated tasks that prevent you from turning off the alarm until you solve them. The cleverly thought-out operation code of the application will not allow the alarm to be disabled by force. The smart system will make the phone ring until the battery runs out. All these features will not give the smartphone owner a reason to dump all the responsibility on the alarm clock.

But these are not the only advantages of this alarm clock over the standard app. A wide range of options will make it easier for you to wake up. The user will be able to find the best settings for himself by choosing how the melody will grow and whether it will be possible to postpone the alarm.

There are eight different types of tasks. You can choose which ones will work and their level of difficulty. ”I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock” will be an excellent alternative to the standard alarm clock.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to using only popular student apps. The decent alternatives described in this article will help you with studying and time management just as well. So, don’t hesitate to explore any of them.