4 Social Gaming Opportunities

Social gaming market requires software developers able to create a great gaming field and create a stable circle of clientèle around the world.

Who is behind social games?
With our constant obsession with social networks, such as Facebook, and the Russian versions, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, any savvy businessman may see an advantage and a chance to start own business – millions of potential clients, and countless possibilities to boost the business development.

Entrepreneurs who are eager to start their own business are turning to online betting as it is a great chance of creating your own business. In the domain of online casinos’ competitive market nowadays we have a new global trend which is called social casinos.

At EvenBetGaming.com, you can find out more about new possibilities for developing your online business involving such networks as Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte etc. Addressing such team of software developers will ensure success of your business and guarantee a stable profit as your website will attract more new players.

Today there are a lot of companies involved in social gaming that are developing new games or have their own team of developers and management to create and improve existing platforms. Among them are:

EvenBet Gaming;
Social Gaming Network;
Gaia Online;
Serious Business, etc.

What are social games?

Betting platforms are the real home for online gamers and according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg we have 235 million people involved in playing on Facebook each month and those who are planning to start a business in this domain might take this into consideration.

– Online betting today is one of the most popular category of applications in the whole social network and this is what makes them different from other kinds of online entertainment:
– This kind of games is based on Social Platforms that means that all users and players have their identities and can maintain communication with other players;
– Involvement of other players in the process, multiplayer feature. Few players or few dozens of them might be engaged in one game;
– Casual character of social gaming allows its users to participate whenever one wants to. These games are made for ordinary people and not for those who are playing 24/7;
– Ability to take turns with other players, to interact with them. This is a common feature for such games;
– Awareness of other players’ actions in the course of entertainment. In your news feed you will be able to observe all the changes in the game.

Software developers are moving aggressively into such gaming spaces as social networks and offering their clients best ways of integrating their solutions into chosen network and to promote their online business.

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