4 Types of Gamers and Why We Love Them

They say that variety is the spice of life, and gamers know this to be true.  Shaking things up and trying something new leads to discover fresh adventures during gameplay. We love to be pleasantly surprised: who doesn’t rub their hands upon realizing that there are 500 hours of quality gameplay ahead, or that there are new Modern Warfare hacks posted online?

This said, finding your niche and knowing your comfort zone is also a big deal for gamers. Not everyone approaches games the same way, and this is all to the good. It’d be boring otherwise, right? We all have that friend who we think takes it way too seriously; unless we are that friend!  But we love them anyway, because they’re doing it their way.

There are a few types of gamers we meet over and over again in our adventures. Here are some of the most distinctive game lovers out there.

1) The One Who Wants to Have it All

Sure, you can grind and labor your way to the top if you want. Or…you could hack the system. So much stress avoided.

Using hacks isn’t a cop-out, as some people say. It’s just a way to experience a whole world of the game, and sometimes you get even more out of it. You can use hacks to achieve things that would never be possible otherwise.

If you’re after a quiet life in a nice house on The Sims, an additional money hack can get you there quickly (see type #4). If you’re looking for an extra-fun experience in Modern Warfare, you can use codes to see all player positions. It’s a different kind of gaming to the ‘purist’ variety, and it’s right up our street.

gamers bed

2) The One Who Should Really Be Getting Paid for This

Speaking of purists, every gamer has met someone who you instinctively think is a pro, or must be using hacks. Only they’re not, they’re just really good. Scarily good. So good that you think they might be an octopus playing with four controllers.

Sometimes it’s someone who is so absolutely committed to the game that they know all the best plays inside out. Other times it’s just raw talent. At school, there was always that one kid who didn’t even own the game but could win an FPS death match with a sniper rifle. They’ve still got it as an adult who ‘never games’. It’s just not fair.

3) The One Who Just Considers the Lilies of the Field

This gamer loves games like The Sims and Stardew Valley, and you know why? It’s because they’re just there to relax. They’re not out for blood, they don’t want stress — they want gaming escapism in its purest form.

Who can blame them? Gaming is one of the best tactics to get away from the stress of everyday life, and relaxing in your beautiful house in a picture-perfect world is the logical conclusion of this.

Not everyone is here to ‘win’.  Some of us just really appreciate the warmth and peace of mind that amazing low-key games can bring us.

4) The Chaotic Neutral

Argh. It’s them. The one you’re never, ever happy to see, but who always makes everything so much more interesting. This is the chaotic neutral gamer, and they’re here to raise the nonsense levels to maximum.

This gamer plays Among Us and acts suspiciously like the Imposter, even though they’re not. Then they protest their innocence and prove that they’re clear. Then they just go stand next to the first dead body they find. It’s maddening and hilarious in equal measure, and they’ll pop up when you least expect them.

Bottom Line

Whichever kind of gamer you are, enjoying your experience to the full is the most important thing. Find unlikely friends in the gaming community and revel in the variety!