4 Vital Reasons Why We Should Meditate

It looks so tempting when we see people meditating in this era of rapidness where every solution is just a tap away. With more and more people daunting about the benefits of meditation, most of them, leading to life-changing habits, even the happiness therapies, anti-depression and anti-anxiety include meditation in their top 5 solutions. Even the researches have shown that eight weeks of regular meditation could lead to greater delight.

  1. Enhance Your Creativity.

Prayer is when you talk to God, while meditation is, when you are trying to listen what the universe has to say to you because you are in a listening state of mind, you put yourself in a state in which you receive new and innovative ideas – this is how you take inspiration that you were not receptive to earlier because you were guarded, keeping yourself protected as Choquette says. This has happened with all of us when you stare and just stare at the page, but you just can’t get yourself to the point of motivation to write. As popularly identified as a writer’s block, this is not writer’s block, you’re basically stuck in a creative rut. Since meditation allows us to listen to our inner voice and pay attention to what the universe had to say in the silence – we develop great listening skills and that’s when the creative and innovative ideas, solutions to the problems, aha! Moments are poured.

  1. Better Sleep than Before.

As mentioned in previous points that meditation calms our body and mind throughout the day which keeps the negative vibes and toxicity in check. Not only does science but the experts also now believe that meditation brings us closer to a sound and stress-free sleep – making us more fresh for the next day; in the world of phones and tablets where we sleep when the battery almost dies and every next person is either suffering from insomnia as our minds are not calm anymore. The most challenging part is to put our minds to hibernate mode and that is only possible when they untangle themselves from vicious cycles, so you can catch up on your sleep.

  1. Get More Youthful.

Who wants to get old? None of us, right? Most of us, spend time searching online for healthy lifestyles so we can stay youthful as long as humanly possible. This phenomenon increases with age and we get more conscious about getting old and looking young. It might break your heart but calorie free food or Keto diet can help you reduce weight and look healthy but it won’t be as beneficial to staying youthful in general, as you would like it to be.  Fret not! Meditation is here for our rescue. As a study seen at International Journal of Neuroscience too, that meditation practitioners had younger biological ages and reduced age-related brain deterioration as compared to those who do not.

  1. Control Your Temper.

Just like the emergency fire alarm in buildings which is sensitive to any accidental situation and is made in a way that it alerts before any unfortunate incident takes place. This is exactly how meditation works for our systems, making us all aware of our mind, body, and breathe – by doing this, we can calm yourself and take a step back from the initial reaction we may have planned to take. In this entire process, meditation alerts us and rescue us and we begin to think of different ways to respond to the situation.


I was made to write this because I had been meditating for a decade now which is why my friends and mentees wanted me to tell the world about the benefits along with scientifically proven reasons, so, it can reach out to someone in need. I am starting my blog from where I can coach and motivate people who are looking to get indulge in something like this. In addition to it, I am planning to launch my channel on either YouTube or IGTV (Instagram TV) – everything is planned and I am all set to coach people who are living their life on a negative side or are on the verge of negativity. It is the right time to do something, we all capable of control and this time, it is your life, get your power back by taking our negativity out of your surroundings by consciously working on it.

If you too or anyone of you want to share something similar, we can collaborate or I would be happy to help you. I have got a very reliable connection from a provider called Mediacom internet – and that’s helped me find all the researches, channels, schools and healing practitioners. I have tried to cover all the key reasons and benefits of meditation, however, you can always learn more about meditation on YouTube and some online research journals.