The Most Popular Online Games This Year

The year 2021 has so far been a great one for gaming. Because of the pandemic lockdowns, gamers spent more time playing, with many people even discovering video games for the first time. While the more traditional way of playing video games at home is on consoles such as Nintendo gaming devices, PlayStations, and Xboxes, more and more people don’t want to commit to a console, and prefer to try games online.

Indeed, a recent study demonstrated that online games are probably the future of the gaming industry. The popularity of online games could also be explained by the recent significant rise in the number of mobile users. Several platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, and Symbian are now providing their users with online games.

Whether players use their mobile phone or PC to play, online games offer a number of advantages, such as the possibility to play with friends whom we are not able to see face to face or simply meeting other gaming enthusiasts from the other side of the planet at any time. Regardless if you are new to video games or a gaming veteran, you might be wondering which new games to try next. In this article, we propose 5 online games that will certainly grab your attention.


Ten years since it was first launched, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in 2021, and probably one of the most popular games of all time. This Microsoft game has around 600 million players, which is a lot for a game that is not free.

Minecraft is a 3D pixelated world in which players get to explore, extract raw materials and build stuff. Other than trying to survive, there are no predetermined goals, so players can do whatever they want. You can play from a first-person perspective (FPP) or a third-person perspective (TPP). Also, you can turn on different basic modes which include Adventure, Survival, Creative, Spectator, and Hardcore – not to mention the versions you can add to your gameplay like Galacticraft, Decocraft, Pig Manure, The Twilight forest, and the list goes on.

Being the best game of this genre, Minecraft already won quite a few awards. It is available on Linux, Playstation, IOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo, and Xbox One.


Originally created in 2017 by Epic Games as an open-world survival simulation, Fortnite is today most popular in its Battle Royale mode. This mode allows 100 players to participate in the game, and you can play solo, in duos, trios, or quads. Another unique feature of this battle game is that it is not only about fighting, but you can also build stairs, walls, and other things to support your game.

Other playing modes are Creative, Party Royale, and Save the World. What’s more, Epic Games collaborated with Marvel, DC, and Tomb Rider to bring some amazing extra content and characters to the game.

Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PS4, Classic Mac OS, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Online Casinos

And now something different from MMOs, FPSs, battle royale or any other action games – online casinos. These are a great way to relax with simple and exciting games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack, while also risking to make some money in the process.

These live casino games are quite popular all over the world and it’s pretty easy to find them online.  And besides offering a staggering number of games, they allow you to set the playing atmosphere yourself – you can play it while in bed, or drinking your favorite coffee, traveling, commuting to work, or even lying on a beach, whatever suits your needs.

Also, many online casinos offer convenient features such as pay by phone options, as well as bonus prizes. These make them attractive to more and more players every year.

Call Of Duty

Another game in the battle royale genre, Call of Duty is one of the best shooting games you will ever play. It was published in 2003 by Activision, and since then, several titles have been released. The one that doesn’t require downloading or any further steps before playing is Call Of Duty Warzone, hosts 150 players and you can play solo or in groups of up to four players. It is a great game to play with your friends – you just need an Internet connection and it is your crew against the world.

The game is available on IOS, Nintendo, XBOX, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and PC.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a classic among multiplayer battle arena games. Developed in 2009 by Riot Games, League of Legends is a free online game with around 115 million active players in 2021.

In this game, you pick a “champion” with a specific set of attributes and style of fighting and join a team of four more players. The goal is to defeat the opposite team, and you do that by collecting experience points, buying items that make your team more powerful, and destroying the main building of the enemy team’s base.

League of Legends is famous for its amazing graphics and spectacular scenes, and it is available on macOS, PC, XBOX, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

The online game market is constantly overflown by so many new games which sometimes makes it so hard to pick the right one. Whether you prefer fighting, building stuff, or trying your luck at gambling, the games we selected for you in this list will certainly be a good start.