4x48GB (192GB) Non-binary DDR5-6000 Memory Support On AMD X670E Series Teased By Gigabyte

Other than ASUS, Gigabyte is also working on developing new BIOSes for AMD 600-series chipsets. According to reports, the upcoming firmware for Gigabyte motherboards is expected to introduce non-binary memory support for their AMD AM5 platform.

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An official AGESA update for AMD X670 and B650 motherboards, which will enable non-binary memory support, is expected to be released soon. Both ASUS and Gigabyte have been testing and giving hints about early BIOSes that will allow 24/48 GB memory support on the AMD platform. The memory type is already supported by Intel 600 and 700 series, and manufacturers have already released a BIOS update for it.

A post on the Coolaler forums has suggested that the AORUS X670E Master has the potential to support a maximum of 192GB of memory running at 6000 MT/s speed. A community member named JHL88 has conducted a 2-hour long MemTest, which demonstrated no errors. While this indicates that the memory support exists, it remains to be seen if it works properly with software other than synthetic benchmarks.

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Leading companies like CORSAIR and G.SKILL have launched their first non-binary DDR5 memory kits, including the Vengeance and Trident Z5 series, which offer up to 48GB and DDR5-8000 kits. These memory kits have unusual capacities of 24GB and 48GB, which are intended for users who desire more options or require additional capacity (48GB modules allow for a maximum capacity of 192GB).

There are rumors that the 24G/48G firmware may be released in April, but neither AMD nor Gigabyte have confirmed their plans yet.

Via Coolaler