Acer Arc A770 Predator BiFrost GPU 16GB Discounted To $339

In 2022, the Predator BiFrost from Acer really caught people’s attention. What makes it stand out is its use of a combination of radial and axial fan design, which hasn’t been seen before. The hybrid design is truly unique, as it combines open air and blower-type coolers in a dual-slot solution.

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When designing the Acer card, the aesthetics were a top priority for the team. They chose a premium metallic-looking shroud, included RGB illuminations, and added a full cover backplate to make the card look great. However, they didn’t neglect the specs either. The custom Arc A770 GPU stands out from the rest with its 16GB VRAM, making it one of the few cards to feature this much memory.

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It seems that Acer had a pre-planned discount strategy in mind for their A770 GPU, as the price has been lowered to $339.99 on both Amazon and Newegg on the same day. This is a positive sign, as it hopefully indicates that the discount will be available for more than just a few days.

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Last October, the A770 GPU was released with a price tag of $399. However, the price dropped to $349 last month, and now it has been further reduced to $339, making it the most affordable 16GB card currently available. This trend is not exclusive to the A770, as prices for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs have been steadily decreasing as well. For instance, the A750 8GB now costs just $229 and the A770 8GB is priced at $269. As a result, budget-conscious gamers can look forward to more similar deals in the future, particularly as NVIDIA and AMD prepare to launch their updated mid-range GPU series in the coming months.

Via Newegg , Amazon