5 Best iPhone Call Logger Apps in 2020

At instances, it so happens that you need to undercover agent on the decision-related activities of your partner, kids, employees or cherished ones. Their bizarre conduct, like speaker for hours, receiving calls at abnormal instances or other unusual tendencies that you locate doubtful, may turn you suspicious. You would simply be beneath the influence that something goes on.

We suggest you download an iPhone call history app, the one-prevent-shop method to all of your call monitoring needs. Proper from the incoming calls to the outgoing ones, the overlooked known as, the duration and the name, the first-class iPhone call logger apps can reveal it all.

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Top 5 iPhone Call Logger Apps

True that there are thousands of apps available in the Apple iTunes, finding the best one would seem analogous to finding a needle in the haystack. Ok, you don’t have to undergo the pain of doing the research. Here, we have handpicked five of them for you.

Here are the best 5 iPhone call logger’s apps:

One of the leading brands inside the enterprise, Spyier is your give up to stop call history tracking app. It is prepared with round 30 remarkable features and serves in greater than one hundred ninety nations, hailing as the first preference of most of the people of clients.

Whether or not you need to sing your buddy’s name log, watch your personnel’ calling developments or hold a watch for your child’s recent sports, Spyier takes care of all. Also, this solution works for Android and iOS phones with equal perfection.

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Spyier: the Ultimate iPhone Call Log Tracking app under review

Emerging as one of the best iPhone call history app, Spyier is a powerhouse of features, functionalities, and tools, as needed to track the call history of an iPhone. There are plenty of aspects that turn Spyier an excellent choice for tracking and you can try this Phone call logger.

May be not all, but we will unleash some of the most fascinating elements that advocate on the efficiency and popularity of Spyier page.

  • Exceptional Performance

With Spyier page, performance is by no means a problem. The web app is adapted in a way that it is able to steadfastly operate and doesn’t contain any sort of malicious program. Its stealth technology enabled all of the capabilities (sure, dozens other than call logging!) for its customers without prison breaking.

  • Ease of Use

It has an intuitive dashboard and a person-pleasant interface that guides the user properly from logging in to signing out. You need not now be a techie to ruin the app or walk thru the interface. All you need to have is a valid expertise of the usage of an app, that’s it.

  • Cover Up Your Security Needs

Obviously, the app doesn’t hold tune of your records, let alone shop. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping any important records. None of your data will ever be found out to the outdoor global.

  • Seamless Tracking without the target knowing

Acknowledging the truth that the targeted device is an iPhone, you will by no means ever need to get keep of the tool bodily. Relatively, the Spyier iPhone call logger app is a cloud-primarily based solution and works in a stealth mode.

Spyier page IOS solution is free from tool get entry to, browser-independent and a hundred% secure. So, without giving a 2nd notion, you may sincerely move beforehand and down load the answer.

How to Use Spyier iPhone Call Logger App?

Step 1: Signing up with Spyier

Use a valid email ID and password to create an account with Spyier.

spyier sign up

Step 2: Complete Registration and Basic setup

Choose device type as iOS, fill in related details, select a suitable monthly subscription pack and make the payment.

spyier select device

Step 3: Start Monitoring

You must have received a registration confirmation email from Spyier by now. Go to Spyier dashboard (using any browser or device) and feed in the iCloud credentials of the targeted device in the right space. Once verified, you will get access to the target phone’s data.

spyier verify icloud id guide

Step 4:  Track Call logs

Hover around the dashboard to find the call log feature. This shows all of the call histories, along with their names, contact numbers, time and duration of the call.

spyier check call list

2.     Cocospy

With a 96% consumer pride fee, the ability to paintings inside the history, and the benefit presented in name logger monitoring, Cocospy is every other pinnacle iPhone call logger app. The capabilities and functionality of Cocospy seem similar to that of Spyier.

The utility offers customers the ease to keep a watch on the decision log of the targeted tool without necessitating the installation of the app. A simple iCloud login would take you to the dashboard wherein all of the statistics of the targeted user is displayed.

cocospy phone

  1. Spyic

Spyic is another feature-packed cellular phone tracking app. attributable to its exceptional iPhone call tracking feature, the app finds its vicinity in the listing of iPhone name logger app. Being a web-based answer, Spyic is extraordinarily versatile and doesn’t mandate the setup of the app, so you can paintings silently and discreetly. You truly require the iCloud credentials and all the information is shared with you over the Spyic dashboard.

With Spyic, you may never have to jailbreak the targeted device. In reality, you can preserve an eye on all the call log activities at your pace and comfort. Received, dialed and neglected calls, along with the associated information, could be without difficulty on hand for you thru Spyic.

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  1. Minspy

Whilst we’re talking about name logger apps spying or any form of social media tracking, Minspy takes the crows of the nice app inside the location. Minspy is largely a cell phone tracking tool designed to spy on Android and iOS telephone statistics. With Minspy, you get to understand all that the opposite man or woman is hiding on their phone, specifically the call logger apps messages and images.

Minspy may be used from any web browser, while not having to put in the spying app for your telephone or computer. This is due to the personalized dashboard that Minspy gives you, which is available through its website.

minspy homepage

  1. Spyine

Spyine is competing to be the number one cell phone tracking app within the marketplace, because of its extensive catalog of features. One in every of them is, unsurprisingly, a call logger for iPhone, which we could use to access the call facts of each person and a goal device. iOS customers can enjoy an exceptionally convenient putting: there is really no need to jailbreak the tool, and no software program download or deploy is required, as properly.

Plans for iPhone customers are available in two versions: the circle of relatives and top class charge fashions allow people reveal contacts, call logs, messages, iMessages, real-time region, browser records, calendars, pix, WhatsApp, LINE, hooked up programs, images, and movies.


In case you are harassed amongst those 5 aforementioned iPhone call logger apps too, we vote for Spyier. Combined with a lucrative interface and out-of-the-field features, Spyier works seamlessly with regards to the use of an iPhone name logger app.

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