Smartphones are one of the priorities of college students, especially when they are budget-friendly. Apart from the budget, students are considering the design and functionality of phones for different college projects. Phone manufacturers are beginning to improve phone models to meet these demands. Without convenient gadget students are not able to complete their assignments and have to pay for essay or other homework to get good marks. Nowadays, it is easy to find a phone model that meets the criteria of quality, screen size, and high-resolution camera – three specifications that are significant during thesis and essay compositions.

A vital property of good smartphones is longer battery life. Students do not have the luxury of time to charge their phones while juggling class assignments. More so, the memory storage space is as important as the processor power. The larger processing power should thoroughly accommodate web browsing, WiFi connectivity, and steady video streaming. All of these combined are the elements of a perfect college student smartphone.

iphone 11
iPhone 11 Pro – Of course, it is expensive, but it remains the best phone money can buy. If you are willing to amend your budget, you will not only benefit from the warranty of this phone but will also enjoy its long battery life, the tri-camera, and an OLED screen for greater versatility. Its handy nature helps it fit better in your pocket, and you may take it to class to record lectures, as long as your lecturer doesn’t mind. For college students looking for worthy phone investments, it doesn’t get any better than the 11 Pro.

galaxy s10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – This fast and reliable Android beats competition, and here is why: The 6.4-inch screen size and AMOLED display is a super combination for excellent user experience. As a college student, you can watch HD movies, swipe through presentations, and catch up with your colleagues on social media, sharing crisp photos on the go. Basically, this phone brand is well-suited for student bloggers and journalists. Many tutors at Essaysmatch access their accounts via this Android model, ensuring they stay connected with clients.

iPhone X – The iPhone model speaks for its price. A greater advancement than its predecessors, the brand comes with multiple features, including face ID recognition, portrait mode camera, and other 6S features. The extra security measures are yet undefeated by other phone manufacturers. Even when the phone crashes, the extended warranty guarantees quick replacement. It is easy because of the proximity of Apple stores to colleges and universities. If you like to blog about food and fashion, the crisp picture quality is to die for.

galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy S9 – This smartphone is the most suitable option for essays, assignments, and presentations. With properties such as extra storage, wireless charging, and water resistance, the S9 is a valuable investment for smart students. The facial recognition feature is a unique security perk that prevents the invasion of privacy. Talk about battery life; you can’t get a better alternative than the S9.

iphone 7
iPhone 7 – This smartphone is a leader in its pack, thanks to its easy, trendy, and advanced features. Even though new iPhone updates have ousted it, on-budget college students can leverage its technological benefits for essays, dissertations, and presentations. To date, its camera is one of the best on the market, making it suitable for social media connections. Even better, you can access websites in their desktop versions or switch to mobile as you please.

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