Top 5 Best Standing Desk Reviews

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our health. Sitting is no longer inevitable. With the right furniture, you can ensure your posture at the workplace is less harmful. Standing desks whose height is easily adjustable were invented specially for meeting this need.

Today we have access to sophisticated products of this kind that are powered by precision linear motor drives. Their height is easily changed at the press of a single button. Check these standing desk reviews for top models approved by experts. Naturally, you may still opt for a manually operated standing desk if you want to save a few hundred dollars.

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Top 5 Products

Discover five standing desks recommended by experts.

1. Lander Desk

This desk belongs to the premium segment, with its price tag of just over $1,000 and a ten-year warranty. Its clever construction makes the model revolutionary, as it is equipped with two unique features.

First, it comes almost pre-assembled. Secondly, the desk has a convenient hand controller with multiple buttons. A gentle tap on a special paddle changes the height. The part also has a high-resolution display and may communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows not just desk control, but also the use of the in-built health coach (accessible from both smartphone and paddle).

2. Cascade

Another desk made in the USA, it is a bit cheaper (just under $1,000), but also easy to put together. Its distinct features are SteadyType™ ergonomics and PerfectPaint glide system. The former is a keyboard tray that tilts allowing unique comfort for typing. Thanks to the latter, the legs rise smoothly and seamlessly.

The desk is suitable for users up to 5’11 tall (other need to purchase an extension). There are three base colors and eight varieties of corner desks.

3. iMovR Energize

This electric model with an LCD readout will cost you just over $600, but the quality is impressive. The warranty covers 5 years for the tabletop and 10 for the moving parts and electronics.

The main advantages reviewed by are the tabletop quality (it is ergonomic and 3D-laminated), the PerfectPaint function, quick assembly, and quietness of operation. The base comes in three colors. Users taller than 5’11” need an extension.

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4. Lander Lite Desk

Priced at around $800, this desk shares many of its features with the Lander model. The sizes and colors number in the thousands. Unlike its more expensive predecessor, it requires eight minutes for assembly, rather than two.

You get the same ten-year warranty and most of the advanced features for less. There are Bluetooth connection, smartphone app, control paddle, and quiet rising.

5. Uprise

This desk costing $700 comes from Ergoprise. It is relatively quiet and sturdy. Adjustment is quick at 1.7 inches per second. On the downside, the tabletop has no 3D lamination that would protect it from moisture. The issue may be solved by purchasing a bamboo top.

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