5 Core AMD Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” APU Spotted With RDNA 3.5 GPU

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 8000 APU, known as Strix Point, has been identified in the MilkyWay@home database. Over the past few years, the MilkyWay@home database has been a source of various leaks, including Zen 3 and Zen 4 CPU samples. Recently, Zen 5 samples have also been discovered leaking within the database.

IMG 6592

The most recent leak involves an engineering sample with the identifier “100-000000994-03_N” belonging to AMD’s Family 26 Model 32 Stepping 0. This sample is part of the Strix Point lineup, which will showcase the next-generation Zen 5 CPU architecture and RDNA 3.5 GPU architecture. While there has been considerable information about Strix Point, this marks the first time an engineering sample has been spotted leaking online.

In terms of specifications, the AMD Strix Point “Ryzen 8000” APU boasts 12 Zen 5 cores, evident from the 24 “processor count” referring to threads in this specific database. This indicates a core count increase for the Strix Point APUs. This information aligns with an earlier rumor mentioning 12 Zen 5 cores for Strix Point in its monolithic variant and potentially up to 16 cores in its “Halo” chiplet version. While other details are not provided, it does confirm that AMD is indeed testing Strix Point in some capacity within its labs.

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Recently, it was officially confirmed that AMD’s Strix Point APUs, part of the Ryzen 8000 family, will be equipped with the latest GFX115* GPU IP. This new RDNA 3.5 graphics architecture is anticipated to deliver a substantial performance boost, making it a strong competitor against Intel’s Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake CPUs when these chips are released next year.