5 Fun Games that Will Help You to Study

Today’s children cannot live without computer games. They are immersed in them, and only rarely do they remember that they have to devote time to the real world. But some games are not a waste of time, because, in addition to an interesting story, contain information that is useful in life and school.

In this article, we will tell you about 5 computer games that will help awaken interest in math, physics, and other subjects from the school curriculum.

BAD PIGGIES will give you an understanding of the laws of physics

Bad Piggies game from Rovio studio can be recommended as a teaching aid. If you think the green pigs in Angry Birds can only stand and wait to be hit by a bird or a stone, that’s not true. These pigs are born inventors.

If in Angry Birds the aim of the player is destruction, in Bad Piggies it is exactly the opposite. At each level, you are offered a set of components from which you need to build some mechanism: a cart, or an aircraft that stays in the air with propellers, or balloons. If the machine is well constructed, it will fly to the finish line marked by a flag.

Bad Piggies will give your child an intuitive understanding of the laws of physics. Children can start playing Bad Piggies long before they start learning physics in school because if children encounter a problem in practice, the story of how to solve it will be much easier to grasp.

HEARTHSTONE can help with math

The game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a board game with a huge variety of cards from the developer Blizzard. The game has a move time limit, so decisions will have to be made quickly. To win here you need to include logical thinking and be able to quickly calculate all options in your mind. The player has to constantly add, subtract and multiply the numbers written on the cards, as there is no time to reach for a calculator.

Since the party rarely lasts longer than 10-15 minutes, let your child to use cpm math homework help.

HUMAN RESOURCE MACHINE will teach how to program

Human Resource Machine is a game that teaches you how to program as realistically as possible. Instead of memorizing commands from languages such as Basic and Pascal, the game offers a hands-on approach to learning how computers work.

The conveyors on the left and right of the screen are input and output, and the area in the middle is analogous to processor registers. The child will learn new commands one by one: copy, move, add and subtract, conditional and unconditional jumps. It’s great that, despite its seriousness, the game Human Resource Machine, manages to remain a fascinating puzzle.

It is recommended to start mastering this game from the age of twelve. This is the time when computer science is just beginning to be taught at school.

LITTLE AICHEMY will ignite an interest in chemistry

The game Little Alchemy begins very simply – on the screen are drawn the designations of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. If you start moving one element to another, something new will appear. For example, the combination of fire and earth gives lava, water and air give steam, and lava combined with fire turns into stone. Things will get a lot more interesting from here on.

Of course, this game cannot replace chemistry lessons. Most of the combinations the player discovers are more about logic than about laws and formulas.

SPORE tells the story of evolution

In the game Spore, everyone can create their organism and take it through the history of evolution. At first, we have just one cell that swims in the world’s ocean and tries to eat those that are smaller and escape those that are larger. Later it begins to divide and eventually grows into a more complex organism. At each stage, the player can determine the appearance of the future creature. In a special editor, you can add fins, barbs, and so on. If you’re  interested in this topic, you can write my essays service and get a professional help in writing your essays, assignment etc.

At some point, the organism goes on land, begins to hunt in packs, forge nests, and gradually becomes smarter. Over time it begins to build dwellings and make tools. At the very end of the game, you will build a spaceship in which you can travel through the universe, search for habitable planets and repeat on them all the way through.