5 Must-Have Gaming accessories for Passionate League of Legends Players

The Tools for the Job
Whatever you’re doing, there are tools out there that can make it easier. Different strategies will have different outcomes, but if you pursue them without any tools at all, things definitely get more difficult. That’s not to say tools make the man. There are soldiers who go in with nothing but a wetsuit and a knife.

With games, there are gamers who don’t even have chairs, and play from some tiny monitor in the corner of an empty apartment. Some gamers of that kind actually dominate. However, they’ve got a lot more work for the same outcomes that someone with the right gaming tools has. With that in mind, especially if you’re a League of Legends fan, consider these tools.

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  1. A Wireless Mouse; Maybe Even a “Trackball”
    Online gaming often incorporates the use of computer navigation accessories like keyboards, or a mouse. There are different options out there for either, we’ll go over keyboards at a later point. For your computer mouse, you would probably do well to go with a wireless option. Now certainly some gamers swear by wired options owing to millisecond response changes.

That said, in reality, the response between a wireless mouse and a traditional option won’t be very noticeable. However, the sort of wireless mouse you choose could be important. There are “mice” that aren’t moved by the hand, they utilize a “thumb ball” and buttons under the fingers. This allows the mouse to stay stationary. Some gamers prefer a trackball for this reason.

  1. An Effective Keyboard
    A cheap Logitech keyboard you pick up for $20 might work, but it’s probably not going to be the best keyboard for LoL players. The best options will usually include an ergonomic design and a number pad.

The keyboard will be something you can prop up for ease of use, and sized appropriately such that you can play with one hand while using the mouse as necessary elsewhere.

  1. A Bright, Large, High-Definition Monitor
    You can buy a 32” monitor for under $300, and it can be hooked up to most Windows devices with an HDMI cable. Some devices may need an HDMI converter cable, most modern options don’t, though.

While you could go with a traditional computer monitor, these days you don’t strictly have to. If you really want to go “all out”, you can spend $2k on three five-foot flatscreen devices from Walmart, network them together and put them at angles for a fully immersive experience.

  1. A Comfortable Set of Headphones
    Earbuds may work for you, but most people gaming will prefer wrap-around headphones that have cushioned pads for long-term gaming, and an adjustable size so the headphones don’t squeeze your head in an uncomfortable way. These serve two purposes.

On the one hand, they help you be more immersed in the game. On the other, the right headphones make it so your gaming doesn’t prove to be an irritant to others in the house.

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  1. The Kind of Gaming Chair You Can Sink Into
    Some people prefer to game from a standing position using a podium or something of the kind. This is healthiest, especially if you spend hours a day in LoL contests. However, most people are going to want to sit.

You can use a couch or a traditional chair, but that gets uncomfortable after a while. Meanwhile, some gaming chairs can even be connected to the game like a speaker to your computer for more full immersion. Here are some options to explore.

Every Advantage You Can Find
A good gaming chair, decent headphones, a keyboard designed with gaming in mind, a trackball mouse, and a large monitor represent five key tools that will help your LoL gaming experience reach new heights. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, there is always room for improvement. Identify areas that need some help and fill them.