Best Video Game Consoles 2022

The pandemic has really confined us to our homes in an unimaginable number of ways. Now though it has reduced, we have been increasingly centered on our homes. Moreover, if you are a video game enthusiast, it hardly matters if you are locked up as long as you have the best gaming consoles. So, here is a list of the best ones that you can gift yourself this year. Moreover, online betting too has developed for the best. So, if you are a newcomer and want to take risks then give this a chance. Check out to know about the best online betting sites that are available and then start betting on the one that is most suitable for you.

  1. PlayStation5

This is the best gaming console that is currently available in the market. You can get it at Walmart for $959. Despite Microsoft Xbox’s superiority in the US market, nothing beats Sony’s PlayStation in the global market. These both are hard competitors on both gaming as well as hardware grounds. Your choice really boils down to whose exclusives you prefer more. From God of War to Demon Soul to Spiderman, Sony has some gems exclusive to PlayStation. The only disadvantage PS5 has over the Xbox series is it costs more but being diskless it gives better performance to games that are on the high-end. Along with amazing exclusive games, the PS5 also gives you 4K graphics.

  1. Xbox One X 1TB

This is currently the best Microsoft gaming console that you can own. This costs $323 at Walmart. Although it costs less than the PS5, that still is a lot of money. Moreover, its disk-drive might be useless under many circumstances. Now coming to the good part, it can support 4K graphics and “ray-tracing” processes which build realistic shadows in video games. So, the graphic game is really strong along with the iconic video game franchises that Microsoft owns like Halo, Fallout, and more recently Call of Duty. Microsoft also has a monthly subscription called Game Pass worth $15 with which you can play hundreds of games after downloading them. Since Microsoft owns the franchise to these big names, it might make them some day exclusive to not just Xbox but also to the Game Pass. This is one strong reason to prefer it over the PS5.

  1. Nintendo Switch 32 GB

This one is currently the best portable gaming console that you can own. You can get it at Walmart for $299. The best part about it is obviously it is portable and even kids can handle it. Moreover, it is the original Nintendo Switch. It is cheaper. Therefore, instead of a 7-inches screen, you get one of 6.2 inches. If you want to play your Switch chiefly in docked mode, then you can buy the standard Switch and connect it to a TV. Moreover, NIntendo also has a Switch lite for only 199 bucks. But that console has a very small screen and you cannot connect it to a TY. So, you better not buy it.

We are sure all the tech geeks are super excited!