5 things to consider when shopping for budget computer speakers

Computer speakers are an essential PC accessory that comes in handy when you want to listen to music or watch movies on your computer. Depending on your budget, you can find premium-priced speakers, as well as affordable models in the market.

So, what should you look for in a good set of budget PC speakers?

Customer Reviews

We all know that first-hand experience is invaluable and provides a lot of insight into the speaker, as far as overall performance is concerned. You’d, therefore, want to look into real-world experiences that people have had with the product, and who else to provide this if not past consumers?

However, if you are not sure about the cheap computer speakers to buy, it’s always good to refer to mass online consumer reviews as opposed to what tech enthusiasts rave about. A PC speaker that has sold several thousand units and has been rated a 5-star by consumers has a high likelihood of being a great buy.

On the contrary, if a certain PC speaker has been aggressively recommended by a dedicated speaker site that you visited, it might not always be a sign of quality. This is because some tech review sites happen to be affiliates of certain products, so they simply recommend the product for a payday.

Sound Quality

Everybody has a unique idea of the kind of sound they want coming from their computer, the same way a vegan may not be convinced that a pork steak is the most sumptuous meal in town. This is to say that sound quality can be very subjective, and we have varying tastes when it comes to music quality.

While some people will prefer more prominent highs and mids, others would rather go for a gentle bass. Not to mention that people have different music genre preferences that have certain prominent sounds. As such, it’s wise to test the speaker beforehand to get something that appeals to your ears.


You might be planning to buy your computer speakers for a particular purpose. Whether for watching movies, listening to music, or gaming, each one of these will require a certain sound quality for the most satisfying experience.

For instance, you may not be looking for complete surround sound if you just plan to watch YouTube clips; this will be more suitable if you want to watch Netflix movies or play computer games with your friends.

To get more value for your money, opt for a speaker set with decent RMS, although only if it’s actively powered and of decent proportions. Some small budget speaker options come with clever enclosure modifications that mathematically exploit the best sound possible from their small spaces.

This is especially essential when you want power in your speakers. Higher watt powered PC speakers may come in a subwoofer and dual satellite format, which is a great setup cause a subwoofer driver is more ideal for low-frequency resonance.

Aesthetics and Accessories

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Aesthetics may only be as important as you perceive them but can be a great complement to the PC speaker setup that you’ve acquired. Some speakers come in a stylish design that adds to your space while others have offensive looks and need to be stashed behind the computer.

Similarly, most accessories or extras that come with computer speakers do little to add to the actual sound quality. However, it can be convenient to have a remote control when you want to increase the volume of your speakers.

Portability and Adaptability

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You might be planning to create the ideal set up in your computer room now, but then again you could be on the move to a different neighborhood come next year. Sometimes, it helps to consider the portability, as well as the adaptability of the PC speaker you intend to buy.

For example, if you prefer something powered that offers more portability with a smaller footprint, you should go for USB powered speakers. These provide a great listening experience and are easy to install; some even come with an extra digital connectivity option to boot.


The thing is, at this price level, you won’t find much to satisfy an audiophile, so in so far as budget PC speakers go, there are some pretty desirable models that come in well below the budget.

The above considerations will help to steer you towards finding the top options under 100 dollars for quality computer speakers.

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