Plesk and Plesk Onyx: advantages and features

Control panels for VPS Linux hosting or Windows hosting provide GUI (a graphical user interface) that makes it easier to manage the server for anyone, who does not have IT knowledge. Without a panel, managing web hosting would require professional skills and changes could be made only with a command line. Today, used on over 380,000 servers, one of the most popular VPS hosting panels in the world is Plesk. Users find their way around with the intuitive and clear interface as well as Plesk Onyx and other advantages. Let’s dive deeper and review the best Plesk features.

Intuitive and easily customizable

Well, organization of the interface and the scope of all necessary tools at the start – these features make Plesk intuitive and simple, no matter what OS is used, let it be Linux hosting or Windows. Uncomplicated steps while completing various tasks help to manage the website’s whole lifecycle and the product’s help center offers how-to video tutorials or Plesk courses.

The latest release of Plesk Onyx presents various extensions for server panel customization and provides the possibility to split it into categories within a menu. One of the most often used extensions includes Plesk Multi Server, Plesk WordPress Toolkit, Plesk Premium Email by Kolab and Digicert SSL. Moreover, Plesk Onyx and the later versions now provide even better support with extensions like Docker, Ruby, Git, and others.

The winner inv compatibility

Compared to currently the most popular control panel – cPanel – Plesk works not only for VPS Linux hosting; however, it is compatible with Windows web servers as well. Even though most of the servers are Linux, for certain websites Windows hosting is a far better choice. And Plesk don’t draw the line here – it works for different platforms and tools and supports many Linux versions.

Even if there is the slightest possibility that one may change from Linux hosting to Windows, choosing Plesk is a smart decision. Plesk will support both OSes, thus letting to shift from one hosting plan to the other more easily at a cost-effective price and a time-saving manner.

Mobile friendly management

Plesk allows us to manage Windows and Linux hosting websites on the go – the administrators can access the website, make the updates and apply changes while traveling with a bus, rushing to the airport or when there is no possibility to sign in through the laptop. The Plesk mobile app is optimized for small screens, so the administrator can make the changes as easily as on a wide computer screen.

Plesk Onyx: what changed?

Plesk Onyx improves the user experience even more with multiple changes. One of them is directed at new users – to make a more welcoming experience. It was achieved by simplifying the registration with social login, providing starting suggestions, offering trial versions of Plesk and its editions on both – Windows and Linux hosting VPSes.

What’s more, Plesk Advisor feature gives tips on best performance and security practices. Improve the server rating with the help of Plesk suggestions, scan the server and detect the issues that need attention, see the recommended actions for fixing the issues (such as SEO, update, performance, and security).

Further, Plesk Onyx presents the improvements in SSL/TSL certificates that reduces the efforts that need to be taken to keep all the server components secure. Nginx Caching reduces the website’s response time and Windows or Linux hosting server load by serving certain types of PHP pages as quickly as static ones. The whole WordPress Toolkit features many upgrades: safer updates, maintenance mode template customization, password protection, personal plugin and theme creation, pingback attack protection.

Other significant updates:

  • SEO Toolkit;
  • Updated Extensions Catalog;
  • Cloud Hyper scaling;
  • Cloud Backup;
  • Repair Kit;
  • Git Support;
  • Docker Support;
  • Updated Log Browser.

These upgrades coupled with system resource usage limits, DNSSEC support, Ruby support, Plesk multi-server, and node.js support strengthens the Plesk hosting panel even more.

Plesk is a complete set of all necessary performance, security and automation tools for Windows as well as Linux hosting. Plesk Onyx has upgraded the panel even more, so the users could get even more from their user experience. For Plesk, there are no limits – with every update and improvement it seeks perfection.

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