5 Unique Laser-Based Machines in 2019

Laser-based machines have become more and more popular as the technology becomes more accessible for the average consumer. Laser technology can be found not just in printing companies but has a large client base for beauty and plastic surgery as well. This list features the most unique laser technology around, with some emphasis on accessibility.

1# Laser Engravers: 

These devices use subtractive manufacturing technology (different from 3D printing, which features additive manufacturing). 

The laser burns and/or melts material away in a precise manner. Usually programmed with a computer, this technology adds a personal touch to almost anything to make your own customized object. 

Although there are multiple engravers on the market, the N-Lase has the ability to print on metal and jewelry. Other fantastic examples include the TEN-HIGH CO2 40W and Orion Motor Tech 40W CO2.

2# Laser Cutters: 

Similar to engravers, laser cutters are usually used for larger projects that require precision cutting rather than personal engraving. These can generally cut wood, fabric, acrylic, glass, leather, paper, cardboard, and rubber. 

If you’re a creative person, the possibilities are endless. Portable versions that come with a computer system do exist, but they are always more expensive. 

The Dremel LC-40-03 40W CO2 is one of the best cutters on the market and able to work on multiple surfaces. SUNCOO 40W CO2 is another great find, and will only run you $400.

3# Laser Hair Removal: 

Sessions of tradition hair removal services can start at $600. Getting a portable version of the product is cheaper and are often just as effective. 

Home treatments work at a lower energy level, but still use the method of damaging the hair follicle, so the hair comes through thinner and less frequently. Multiple sessions will thoroughly remove the hair. 

Remington iLight Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System works by using intense pulse light or IPL to target the melanin in your hair to permanently destroy the hair follicle. This device is also reasonably priced at $300.

4# Laser Tattoo Removal: 

Tattoo removal shouldn’t be practiced at home, but these machines should be mentioned as the wonders of technology they are. It used to be that tattoos were actually permanent, but with the advent of lasers, you can altogether remove the pigment in a few sessions. 

The Alma Harmony XL Pro is an all in one system that not only eliminates tattoos, but also focuses on the removal of pigment in general including, but not limited to acne, hair, uneven tones of textures, pigmented lesions, and vascular lesions.

5# Laser Scar/Acne and Soft Tissue Removal: 

Laser technology is also used in multiple surgeries including aesthetic surgery (dermatology and plastic surgery), gynecology, podiatry, neurosurgery, orthopedics and arthroscopy (knees). 

Medical applications that require ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue are used in hospitals daily and have been made easier by lasers. 

FemiLift Pixel CO2 system is used frequently for all these tasks to make the surgical process more streamlined and safe. Most of these machines will require a few inputs to get going, but it leaves surgeons to focus on more complicated and in dept surgeries. 

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