A Company is Selling a Gaming Bed

Gaming chairs are still a very big thing, well one company is taking it to the next level and has introduced a gaming bed! This comes from Japanese company “Bauhütte” who sells gaming-centric furniture like chairs, desks, etc. Marketed as a gaming bed it is really just a gaming bed with some shelves around it for monitors, snacks, etc.

gaming bed 1

Looking at the product photos provided by the company the bed seems to be a twin bed that comes with a sort of bean bag so you can sit up straight in the bed. At the far end is a sort of shelf that looks to support two monitors and has a headphone stand. There are two rolling shelves for a keyboard / mouse, and another for food and drinks.

gaming bed 2 gaming bed 3

At the top edge of the bed there is another shelf for extra snacks and it even has a smartphone holder so you can relax and play mobile games or enjoy some other videos. Honestly I am not sure what to think of this product, especially since to company plans to sell it for around $1050. What do you guys think?

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