A New World Record; DDR5 Memory Overclocked To 11202 MT/s

Liquid nitrogen, top-tier DDR5 memory, expertise, and perseverance have set a fresh DDR5 memory overclocking world record. More world records are expected to be broken using this memory type.

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The majority of desktop users won’t attempt this themselves, as most stick to XMP or EXPO overclocking profiles. Enthusiasts might tweak timings and enhance memory cooling, but liquid nitrogen usage is limited to a select few.

Seby9123, an extreme overclocker, recently surpassed a world record by pushing his G.Skill Trident memory kit to a setting of 5607 MHz (11202 MT/s). To accomplish this feat, he utilized an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 APEX motherboard along with DDR5 memory certified for the DDR5-7800 XMP profile.

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Although the timings of 62-126-126-127-127 may not be ideal, they are not crucial in the HWBOT competition, which focuses on achieving the highest frequency. SkatterBencher, a renowned overclocker, tech YouTuber, and reviewer, maintains a dedicated webpage that tracks all world records.

The overclocking community has witnessed a significant surge in world records with the advent of the newer standard in the PC market. Seby’s overclocking achievement has now surpassed Hicookie’s previous world record of 5567.5 MHz (11135 MT/s). It won’t be surprising to witness this DDR5 frequency world record being surpassed in the near future, as memory manufacturers continue to release even faster and higher-quality kits.

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Via Skatter Bencher