According To A New Rumor, GTA 6 Related Announcement Will Be Made On December 3rd

Rumors online suggest that an announcement related to GTA 6 might be on the horizon, with speculation arising from an anonymous source linked to Meta. According to a recent video by SanInPlay, this source, claiming a connection to Meta through a relative, disclosed details about a Facebook encrypted post set to be unveiled on December 3rd. Notably, the post’s administrators are rumored to include Mark Adamson, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Rockstar Games, and Geoff Keighley, known for his involvement with The Game Awards.

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Although December 3rd falls on a Sunday, there’s a plausible possibility of an announcement occurring on this day. Drawing a parallel, Rockstar Games initially teased Red Dead Redemption 2 on a Sunday (October 16th, 2016). Therefore, the notion of a teaser premiering on December 3rd, leading to a full reveal during this year’s The Game Awards, is not out of the question. Nevertheless, it’s essential to approach today’s rumors with caution.

Even if there’s no announcement on December 3rd, the anticipation for details about GTA 6 will soon be satisfied. Earlier this month, Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the game’s unveiling is scheduled for early December. The prolonged wait is nearly at its end.

Via SanInPlay