Acer Custom Arc A770 GPU With 16GB VRAM Is Now Available For Just $349

Amazon currently offers the Acer Predator GPU for $349, making it the most affordable 16GB graphics card of the current generation. The A770 Predator BiFrost is a one-of-a-kind bespoke build by the Acer team, which has recently penetrated the DIY market with its first Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs. This Acer variant is one of only a few A770s with 16GB VRAM, a specification exclusive to Intel’s Limited Edition A770.

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The Predator variant features a customized design with dual 8-pin power connectors, an enhanced TDP of 250W (+25W), and a higher clock base frequency of 2.2 GHz (+100 MHz). The dual-slot, dual-fan card is a mix of open-air (Aero Blade 3D) and blower-type (FrostBlade) cooling designs. In addition, this card features a vapor chamber.

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This 16GB A770 is presently available for $349, a relatively similar price as Intel’s Limited Edition. This represents a 13% or $50 drop off the initial pricing for this model, which is still listed by other sellers, including Acer’s online site.

Intel is currently putting in an around-the-clock effort to enhance its graphics drivers and overall experience. This year, the business has already produced four drivers, more than both NVIDIA and AMD.

Via Amazon, Wccftech