Achieving Max FPS and Performance in Diablo 4 on PC

For more than 26 years, the Diablo franchise by Blizzard has continued to thrill loyal fans and gamers around the world. Blizzard announced the fourth installment in its annual gaming convention in 2019, but only released Diablo 4 on June 5, 2023. Diablo 4 became an instant success, grossing $666 million in sales in less than a week after release, a record for the publisher. It also became number 1 in Twitch streams for the first nine days in June during its early access period.

The action role-playing game offers a fast-paced experience and immerses you in the dark and treacherous world of Sanctuary. To enjoy all the features of the game, it is necessary to optimize your computer for maximum FPS (frames per second). We will discuss how to go about that in this guide.

Why You Should Optimize for Maximum Performance

Regardless of the game you play, you can experience subpar gameplay if your PC is not well-optimized. The same analogy goes for those who love on-the-go gaming from gambling app sites like If your mobile device is not sophisticated enough, enjoying poker, slots, and many other online games would be challenging.

Thus, your PC needs to be optimized for Diablo 4. If not, you can’t have smooth gameplay. You may encounter frequent frame rate drops and lagging, which can stop you from reacting swiftly during intense combat. It could also lead to longer loading times and potentially lower graphics quality.

Tips to Optimize Your PC for Diablo 4

Below, we have provided some steps to follow to ensure efficient gameplay, swift responsiveness, and excellent visual quality.

1.     Update Graphics Drivers

If you want to enjoy playing Diablo 4 or any game at all, you need to keep your graphics drivers up to date at all times. This ensures your PC can benefit from the latest performance upgrades and bug fixes. You can find upgrade information on the website of your graphics card manufacturer, like AMD and Then, download the updated drivers that work with your GPY model on their website.

2.     Disable/ Enable Vertical Sync (VSync)

VSync helps to synchronize the frame rate with your PC monitor refresh rate. However, this can also limit your FPS. If you disable the VSync, your GPU can render frames quicker, leading to improved responsiveness and smooth gameplay.

However, disabling Vsync may lead to screen tearing, which can be distracting. If this occurs too much, you may have to keep VSync enabled.

3.     Optimize In-Game Graphics Settings

As long as your PC meets the required system specifications for Diablo 4, you’ll enjoy playing if you simply fine-tune the graphics settings in the game. Here are a few things to adjust or confirm within the game’s setting menu:

  • Display mode: Fullscreen
  • Resolution: Native monitor resolution
  • Refresh rate: Native monitor refresh rate
  • Sharpen image: 6-7
  • Shadow quality: Low
  • Anti-aliasing quality: Low
  • Geometric complexity: Medium
  • Screen space reflections: Low
  • Texture quality: Low to medium

4.     Adjust Power Settings

To have your PC operate at maximum potential, go to the power settings and choose the high-performance mode. This provides Diablo 4 with the required resources to operate smoothly on the PC. It also prevents your GPU and CPU from throttling to conserve power, leading to enhanced performance during gaming.

5.     Closing Background Applications

For optimal experience, close any resource-intensive background software that may be running at the same time as Diablo 4. These could include streaming or video recording applications that use GPU and CPU resources, limiting the game’s performance. When you close such applications, your system allocates more resources to running Diablo 4. This leads to higher FPS and smooth gameplay.

If you use Windows 11, you can turn on the Game Mode under the Gaming tab in the settings menu. Turning on game mode automatically turns off background applications while you play. You can also disable the Xbox Game Bar, which sometimes causes graphics issues.


To enjoy an optimal gaming experience, having the right settings on your PC is important. For this article, we have mentioned just a few things that will ensure enhanced responsiveness and smooth gameplay. This will drastically improve your experience playing Diablo 4.