Adapting to Trends: 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for a Mobile-Friendly Web Design

A group of millennials hanging out together are not likely chatting about the same topic as everyone will be touching on their screens scrolling up and down, either on social media or browsing the internet. And the trend is contagious. It seems like everyone else loves the convenience of smartphones when it comes to looking things up on the go.

In fact, the mobile hype has grown that it has attracted the attention of big companies like Google and Facebook. It is becoming the hub of online activity, and not only for fun. These big market players know that mobile holds the future of the internet. As a business owner, you adopt the same line of thought. Not to mean you should forget about PC browsing, only be sure to give users the same excellent surfing experience on mobile.

Here are five compelling reasons you need to have mobile-friendly web design.

1- Mobile is overtaking desktop

Honestly speaking, mobile overtook desktop long ago as the primary means of browsing the web. Mobile-friendliness is no longer a secondary requirement. Instead, it has become a must-do.

When it comes to adapting to business trends; sometimes if you are not with the masses, then you might be missing a lot.  So when picking a web design for your business, make sure to check for mobile-friendliness. If you like, check out a2 hosting review for more information on mobile-accommodating websites.

2- Google Rankings Favor Mobile-friendly Websites

No beating around the bush about it; Google will on any day rank a mobile-friendly site above one that’s not. It has been so since April 2015. This means that mobile friendliness is one of the factors Google’s algorithm looks at when ranking sites.

Website owners can look it up with the help of a mobile-friendly test tool. Just type in your domain and the tool will let you know whether you’ve passed or failed the test. A lousy result is a reflag you should work on your mobile-friendliness.

3-You Get a Competitive Edge

If you look at some of the leading websites in different industry categories than you’ll notice that mobile friendliness is one thing they have in common.  What’s more, most mobile browsers are looking for instant solutions and often turn to buyers. So why haven’t taken the step to join your competitors? A mobile website is an excellent way to reach out to a broader and more profitable audience.

4-Mobile Freaks want A Mobile Experience

Unlike desktop users, mobile freaks are different in their demands. They take in content differently. Most prefer video and other visual content over written forms as we’ve seen in platforms like Vine and Instagram.

The smaller screen is part of the reasons why they don’t like long articles that requires scrolling. Moreover, people browsing on the move face more interruptions and have less time to concentrate on long articles unlike someone sitting at their desk.

That’s why you need a mobile web design that ensures you provide for the customers demand while also enjoying the broader customer base.

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