ADATA Announces XPG DDR5-12600 Overclocking Ready & DDR5-8400 Memory Kits

ADATA & its gaming brand, XPG have revealed a variety of new products at the Xtreme Innovation event. The new products also include the next-generation DDR5 RAM, which will arrive later this year and will offer overclocking support along with mind blowing transfer speeds and much more.

ADATA XPG DDR5 Memory 1 820x461 1

ADATA announced that their DDR5 RAMs will be divided into two categories. One category will target standard consumers. The manufacturer claims transfer speeds of up to 8400 Mbps for this category, making it up to 164% faster than existing DDR4 memory. These modules require 1.1V and have capacities of up to 64 GB.

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The other category is aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers. ADATA has promised DDR5 transfer speeds of up to 12600 Mbps. Considering the company’s performance, fans can expect double capacity in comparison to DDR4 (32 GB vs 16 GB) & voltages between 1.1V-1.6V with on-die ECC support.

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ADATA has already shown their DDR5 Caster RAM which will come in both RGB and non RGB variants. The series transfer speeds are rated at up to 7400 Mbps for the 32 GB modules and 8400 Mbps for the 64 GB modules.

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Besides DDR5 Rams, the company also announced PCIe Gen 4 and USB 4 based flash products along with their new gaming laptops & peripherals.