AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller Review

[ad#review1027-top]The AeroCool Touch 2000 is an innovative fan controller and temperature display. It features a 5-inch touch screen color LCD which easily shows your temperatures and fan speeds on its two bay design. A black brushed aluminum front should look appealing for most cases. The lockable screen should keep you from changing any important settings on the display. Does the panel do what it’s supposed to do? Read on further to find out.


– Large LCD screen (2 x 5.25″ bays)
– Innovative “Touch” LCD technology – Stylish “hair brushed” alum front panel w/ Diamond cutting
– Monitors and controls 4 sets of temperature and fan speed individually
– LCD backlight on/off
– Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
– Overheating alarm temperature warning
– Fan working display
– “Lock” function provided to prevent careless miss-touch
– 1 x e-SATA , 2 x USB , Mic & Headphone


Dimension: 149.5 (W) x85 (H) x 70(D) mm
LCD viewable area: 115 (W) x 57 (H) mm
– 4 x 3-pin connectors
– 4 x heat sensors
Material: Brushed aluminum front bezel w/ steel bracket
Max wattage per fan channel: 6W


The Touch 2000 comes packaged in a box not much larger than the device itself. Waves of blue and red surround the package on top of a black background, similarly following the AeroCool logo colors. The front of the box shows an image of the Touch 2000, along with the product name, short description and AeroCool slogan. The back labels the different parts of the screen and goes over the features of the panel.

AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller

The panel rests in between to plastic covers along with all of the other cables necessary for installation. A screen cover helps protect the panel from any fingerprints or scratches prior to first use.

AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller