AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller Review


The AeroCool Touch 2000 does what it’s supposed to do. It shows the temperatures and allows you to change your fan speeds while giving a nice visual appearance. The touch screen is responsive and easy to use. The panel easy to pickup and use, the only problem is the ton of cables coming out of the device. While AeroCool keeps them nicely molded together so that you can strip them apart as you like, some cable management is needed. This is the same for any similar display, not just the Touch 2000.

If you need a fan controller, temperature reader or both, the AeroCool Touch 2000 should work great for you. Found for about $60 makes it a reasonable display considering what all you’re getting. ThinkComputers awards the AeroCool Touch 2000 a 9 out of 10 score.


– Stylish, colored, touch LCD display
– Includes eSATA, USB and sound inputs
– Large screen
– Lockable screen


– No audio alert when temp goes below alarm temp.
– Only supports 3-pin fans, no molex