AGESA denotation reset for AMD B550, starts with V2

Keeping a track of AMD AGESA versions is going to be a lot confusing is because the AGESA version denotations are restart from AMD B550 onwards. Till date, the AMD platforms are updated up to the AGESA version ComboAM4 But now the updated AGESA on the B550 motherboard will be reset, and referred to as ComboAM4 V2, according to sources.

The only difference is the ‘V2’ used in its version’s variation which is also been reset. But the original AGESA was never referred to as the V1. We’re not sure why would AMD reset the version of the microcode used in its BIOS. AGESA microcode update stands out since it enables support for future releases from time to time. The best will be the future support of AMD Ryzen 4000 Series CPUs for B450 and X470 motherboards.

This is especially confusing for the 500 series chipsets. The currently available X570 chipset has the update. But the B550 starts at v2 The version to be made available for the B450 and X470 to support Ryzen 4000 series is not known yet. This is particularly important as rollbacks on the Ryzen 4th gen support AGESA microcode is not supported.

As of now, AMD is supposedly going to release the Matisse Refresh CPUs. There’s also the availability and sales of B550 motherboards to happen in June. AMD also has the low-budget A520 chipset and the AMD Ryzen 4000 Series APUs. Hopefully, the respective BIOS from respective brands will be less confusing.

Source: HardwareLuxx

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