AI: Marketers Need to Get with the Program

Once only seen in the domain of science fiction movies, artificial intelligence has finally made its way into the public realm, and with that has come fresh challenges to the industries that are reliant on digital innovations. AI has already made a significant impact on marketing with practical applications driving forward growth across different channels by collecting and collating audience insight data to the benefit of brands, but what are the long-term effects on the industry?

B2B digital marketing agency Big Rock, has undertaken research with senior decision-making marketing professionals to understand how AI is revolutionising marketing practices and how they see the future of marketing with AI in the picture.

Worryingly, just over a quarter of respondents currently have no plans to integrate AI into their work; yet, 41% state that they believe current marketing practices will be defunct by 2030. Now is the time for digital marketing professionals to embrace AI, to evolve and adapt to ensure that they retain their position within the marketplace by developing a coexistence with the latest technological innovations.

How to coexist with AI. A guide for Marketers

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