Alphacool Unveils HDX Pro Water M.2 NVMe SSD Water Block

NVMe SSDs with M.2 format have become standard PC equipment because they allow high transfer rates and extremely low access times and thus enable faster and more effective working or gaming on the PC. Due to their construction, however, M.2 NVMe SSDs are only able to deliver their maximum performance for a short time. The controller chip heats up quickly and starts to throttle the SSD’s performance early. To ensure that the full performance of the memory can be used permanently, Alphacool is expanding its portfolio for M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD water coolers and now also offers a brass variant of the HDX Pro Water with MCX connectors.

Alphacool HDX Pro Water Alphacool HDX Pro Water

The HDX Pro Water is a reasonable choice when there is little space in the PC case and optimal hose paths are difficult to achieve. With the help of the MCX 2x manifold and the 5/3 mm hose (both included), the SSD water cooler in the MCX version can be integrated easily as well as space-saving. The installation is uncomplicated. The MCX 2x distributor is integrated into the water circuit via two G1/4″ connections with internal thread. Here it is recommended to use the connections from Alphacool’s Eiszapfen series. In the 2nd step, the HDX Pro SSD water cooler is connected to the MCX 2x manifold via the 5/3 mm PVC hose.

Alphacool HDX Pro Water Alphacool HDX Pro Water

Alphacool’s HDX Pro Water SSD cooler is a useful addition to any water loop and ensures that the M.2 SSD storage can unleash its full potential. Smart and Efficient!


  • nickel-plated brass cooler bottom with optimal thermal conductivity
  • enables the full potential of M.2 NVMe SSD to be utilized
  • space-saving integration into the water loop
  • discreet, high-quality design
  • MSRP: 49.98 €


  • M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD

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