Leaker Confirms AMD Radeon RX 7900XTX and 7900XT

The hardware leaker known as “chi11eddog,” who has previously divulged secret information, provides further evidence that the RX 7000 names have been leaked by providing two product labels.

radeon rx 7000

The leaker oddly withheld the word ‘RX 7900’ from the leak, probably to prevent disclosing the source (this could be a product name such as GV-R790XTX, which would automatically confirm it is from Gigabyte).

This leak reveals that the RX 7900XT has a memory capacity of 20 GB for its video memory (VRAM), whilst the RX 7900XTX has 24 GB available for its memory. Both versions will have AMD’s new Navi 31 GPU, which is built on the 5nm RDNA3 architecture.

According to prior speculations, the RX 7900XTX might include a complete GPU with 12288 Stream Processors, a 384-bit memory bus, and 24GB GDDR6 memory operating at 20 Gbps. This indicates that the prospective card’s bandwidth will be just 40 GB/s short of 1 TB/s. Previous leaks have also indicated that Navi 31 has up to 96MB of Infinity Cache; thus, the actual bandwidth will be far more than that.

It has been speculated that the RX 7900XT is based on a Navi 31 GPU with fewer than 10752 cores. This model will include 20GB of GDDR6 memory on a 320-bit bus with a maximum bandwidth of 800 GB/s.

While many aspects of AMD’s next desktop RDNA3 architecture remain undisclosed at this time, including clock speeds, performance, and price, the company is expected to reveal these facts on Thursday.