NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Listed For $1200 on Newegg

The official release of the RTX 4080 graphics card is still three weeks away, but with practically all board designs published, retailers have little excuse not to display the new cards early.

Many offerings still have no pricing because certain board partners are reluctant to disclose pricing information with retailers. NVIDIA and AICs, on the other hand, were striving to have at least some cards at MSRP at launch, which was true for the RTX 4090 launch, but only for a limited period.

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PNY’s RTX 4080 is currently listed at $1,199 on Newegg. Although it’s not the most powerful or feature-packed RTX 4080 variant, its existence at MSRP in the States is now confirmed.

In Europe, RTX 4080 costs have already been spotted rising to as high as £1450 in the UK, which was almost 180 pounds over NVIDIA MSRP. In the Eurozone, we may see comparable pricing at launch, with the least expensive units retailing for €110 above MSRP.

Price tags at Proshop, a major retailer with outlets around Europe, are now presented in Euros for customers in Finland. Because this store is an official NVIDIA partner in this nation, the costs should not be significantly more than MSRP, at least not at first.

It should be noted that Finland has one of the highest VAT rates in the EU (24%). As a result, the NVIDIA RTX 40 series’ official costs are more than in most EU nations. That is €1,999 for the RTX 4090 and €1,509 for the RTX 4080.

At €1,620 for the Inno3D RTX 4080 X3, and up to €1,970 for the ASUS ROG STRIX OC, it’s tempting to think that the RTX 4090, at only €50 more, would be a better pick; however, the RTX 4090 is not in stock at Proshop Finland, and certainly not at MSRP.

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NVIDIA’s RTX 4080 graphics card will be officially released on November 16th; however, we should anticipate publishing reviews sooner.

Via Newegg