UK Retailer Lists NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 At £1450

NVIDIA has revealed that the Founders Edition and base-level board partner designs for the RTX 4080 16GB card will cost $1199 (£1269). At this point, just around three weeks until the new Ada SKU’s official release, we know that UK sellers will ask for an additional 180 pounds sterling.

rtx 4080 palit

LaptopsDirect has added the Palit RTX 4080 GameRock line, which includes three versions with 16GB VRAM. Prices at this vendor range from a minimum of £1450 for the most basic option to a maximum of £1530 for the most luxurious Palit design. That is much more than the NVIDIA MSRP.

The first thing that we did was verify the price of the RTX 4090 at this store as well as many other stores. The flagship Ada GPU has a suggested retail price of 1679 GBP, while the cheapest units you’ll find in stock in the UK are priced at £1950. LaptopDirect has the same price, implying that this RTX 4080 pricing may be more realistic than we generally expect from early listings.

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In addition, Palit GameRock OmniBlack is a new design that has been confirmed for the RTX 4090 series, in case you missed the release. It’s a “Starlight Black crystal design” edition of the GameRock series, but without the ARGB hidden in the cooler. This is the most affordable GameRock model.

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Although the RTX 4080 series’ design similarities to the RTX 4090 could account for the latter’s higher pricing, the former shouldn’t be this costly.

Via LaptopsDirect