AMD Baffin, Weston and Banks GPUs Spotted on Zuaba

The Zuaba shipping database is always a good place to find information on upcoming graphics cards. Well upon a recent check AMD’s Baffin, Weston, and Banks GPUs have showed up! These GPUs are expected to make up AMD’s Radeon 400 series graphics cards.


So let’s start with Baffin XT. It is based on the C981 board model. It is labeled with “G5” which stand for GDDR5, so this is not a Fiji successor. The 4GB listing on the card means that it could be some type of mid-range chip that will replace Pitcairn or Tonga. More than likely will end up being the Radeon Rx 470 series.

Moving on the the Weston X3 and Weston Pro S3, these appear to be entry-level GPUs equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. The only real difference between the two is that the X3 uses board number C729, and the Pro uses C728. Both have 2 GB of GDDR5 memory which is clocked at 4500 MHz. The X3 could by a typo too, this could be XT.

The Banks Pro S3 shares the same board number and specifications as the Weston Pro S3. They are either the same or designed for a different purpose (desktop / mobile). Both Weston and Banks could be between the Radeon R7 360 to R5 310 series.

Looking at what we know so far from all of the leakes this is what the AMD 400 series is starting to look at:

AMD Radeon R9 495(X) / R9 FURY II — GREENLAND
AMD Radeon R9 490(X) — FIJI
AMD Radeon R9 480(X) — ELLESMERE / HAWAII?
AMD Radeon R7 470(X) — BAFFIN
AMD Radeon R7 460(X) — WESTON / OLAND?
AMD Radeon R5 450(X) — WESTON / OLAND?
AMD Radeon R5 440(X)

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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