AMD Completes ZEN3 Architecture – Expects 15% Faster IPC

AMD hosted a presentation earlier this week at the SC19 conference, which is an international conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis. At this event AMD made some remarks about their ZEN3 architecture as well as Epyc in regards to development and IPC increases.

AMD said that the ZEN3 architecture design phase was been finished. AMD will follow a traditional tick-tock release schedule when it comes to their CPU architectures. So with ZEN2 we saw a die-shrink down to 7nm, and now with ZEN3 we’ll still see 7nm, but we’ll get a new architecture. While ZEN1 to ZEN2 brought with it an IPC increase of 21%, you should see a 15% increase in IPC from ZEN2 to ZEN3.

AMD qualified the remarks by pointing out that Zen 2 delivered a bigger IPC gain than what’s normal for an evolutionary upgrade – AMD has said it’s about 15% on average – since it implemented some ideas that AMD originally had for Zen but had to leave on the cutting board. However, he also asserted that Zen 3 will deliver performance gains “right in line with what you would expect from an entirely new architecture.”

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AMD also made mention that Amazon will be deploying Epyc 2 technology in their server farms, which is huge for AMD.

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